Useful Links

Russia Resources
Mariinksy (Maryinsky) Theatre, St Petersburg
The Moscow Kremlin and Museums ticket information
RT is an English news channel which brings the Russian view on global news
The Moscow Times Newspaper
Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow, flight arrivals, etc
Official Site of Moscow Metro System

Mongolia Resources
For those planning to work and live in Mongolia. This posting contains a list of FAQ about Mongolia, Mongolians and the area where Mongolian-speaking people live.

China Resources
Excellent interactive bus route map of Beijing
iPhone enabled website to keep track of Beijing’s air quality
Howard Johnson Hotels Beijing
Flight guide and arrivals at Beijing airport
Convert Chinese writing to Pinyin English script

Courier in China
Fedex China – Domestica and International Courier

Hong Kong
All you want to know about trains in Hong Kong. Tickets for departure from Hung Hom station in Kowloon.
Tickets for departure from West Kowloon station.
Immigration and Visa process for staying in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong International Airport Arrivals Board

Train Stories and Reviews

Rolf Potts, monkey ambassador!
Report from a US couple that travelled in 2006, with some great stories and YouTube videos.
Ron Gluckman is a free-lance writer who came to Mongolia in ’91 with our first group. He fell in love with the place and returned many times since. His web-site is loaded with interesting and witty articles he wrote, several of them on Mongolia!


Great iPhone and PDF guides to cities in Russia and Eastern Europe
The Man in Seat Sixty One has a special page dedicated to Trans-Siberian Train Travel
Lonely Planet guide books. The largest collection of guides, very popular, but too often followed as a bible. Remember that the research can be 3 to 12 months old before it appears as a book on the shelves. Thus, even the latest edition fresh from the printers can be outdated, especially for the volatile countries we deal with. Check their site for Upgrades on your LP guide.
More guide books. Get a second opinion…
Personal Reviews about the Trans-Siberian Railway journey in general
German Railways online timetables for European trains
Recommended International Airline in Russia


European Central Bank Currency Conversation Euros
Bank Rates and Currency in Hong Kong
Bank Of China Exchange Rates to Renminbi
Russia Central Bank, with Currency Exchange Statistics
Save money with a credit card that has no foreign transaction fee.  


Hans Kemp Bikes of Burden Photography in Asia

Less Relevant …

Fancy a visit to NORTH KOREA? Deal only with the specialists!
Maharajas’ Express train trips cover different train lines through India
Check current traffic in most cities