Deposit is payable on booking and balance to be settled at least 60 days prior to departure – all details under our “General Conditions“. Acceptance of the booking infers you have read and agreed to our general conditions

As soon as we have received your deposit we will mail out:

-Receipt for your deposit payment.
-Confirmation of your entire booking for you to check, showing your trip details, dates and costs.
-Full day-by-day trip itinerary in detail.


Bank Transfer

Online Banking
It is becoming easier to make international transfers directly from your online bank account as long as you have international banking set-up. You may need to discuss this with your bank before you leave home. Our bank details are found below. There is usually a small charge for this service and our bank charges a small fee (€ 8) for accepting an International Remittance.
Overseas Telegraphic Transfer
When making payment by telegraphic transfer fill in the form yourself following the instructions below (don’t trust the bank staff to fill it in correctly) and clearly mention the name of the passenger/s and your booking number as message or instruction, so we know who to credit the payment to!

Bank Account Details
Contact us for details.

Bank Costs
There are bank fees when sending a bank transfer (around € 20 depending which bank you are with).

When instructing your bank to effect the remittance, please follow all the above details and instructions exactly. We get cases where there is some small error or spelling mistake in writing instructions to the bank resulting in delayed payment. Then the transfer only gets processed after several follow-ups and additional authorization from the sender. Delay in receiving payment could delay your trip so please ensure that all procedures are followed carefully, and keep a copy of your transfer order.
Many of our travellers prefer sending a bank transfer for the entire amount at one time, to avoid paying for bank charges more than once – entirely up to you.

Bank Drafts

We also accept bank drafts, but beware of high bank costs (up to Euro 70!) deducted per draft or cheque when we collect. All costs are yours. Send them registered and directly to our office. After we receive them, bank drafts can take up to 2 weeks to clear! Make sure you have provided a cover letter with your booking details or else we will not process the payment.


I have been asked by my bank to confirm the reason I am making the payment.

Barclays Bank, for example, have very strict security controls and it seems bank transfers to us sometimes go through extra security checking because, in their words, “after investigation the money may end up in Crimea”, which is absolutely ridiculous as we deal with only fully registered tour operators in Russia, who have no connections with Crimea/Ukraine. Due to the global and regulatory environment in which we operate, all financial institutions are required to confirm the origin, destination and purpose of any payments made. Below are standard questions which have been answered by a customer who had the transfer approved.

1. Purpose of transaction

1. A holiday that I am paying for please see website and payment details on the attached

2. Are there any goods or services involved in this transactions? (If yes, Please confirm origin and final destination of the goods, or list all countries services carried out in)

2. Payment was to my travel company The Russia Experience Ltd, for my holiday in China and Mongolia in July.

3. Is this transaction being sent or received on behalf of another individual or organisation? (If yes, please advise full name and address)

3. No its for me.

4. Is there any direct or indirect involvement of any prohibition countries (North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan (Republic of Sudan or North Sudan), South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan) or the region of Crimea) in this transaction?

4. No

5. Please send a copy of the invoice (If the invoice amount differs to the payment amount, please explain why)

5. I don’t have an invoice. The payment was made based on an email from my travel company.

I am having problems with the banks in Japan, what can I do?

People often have difficulties sending the payment from Japan. For such a technologically advanced country, their banking systems seem way outdated! One customer found the Mitsubishi Bank very good, “the staff were super helpful, the forms in English and the process simple”. We have also heard it is possible to send money through the Post Office Bank but only in USD.

My bank won’t transfer Euro, can I make the transfer in another currency such as Japanese Yen?

If you can not send Euros, then ask your bank to transfer the equivalent amount in GBP or else in your local currency. We will then process this payment at the bank rate on the date of receipt.

Why was the amount you received different from the amount I sent?

The transaction charge varies from bank to bank, but there is usually a € 20 charge at your end and our bank charges €8 for receiving an International transfer. You need to pay all charges at your end to avoid extra bank charges when the money is deposited into our account.

Yes, but the costs were even higher than expected?

If you are sending Euros from a non-Euro country, the transfer may be sent via a correspondence bank in Europe, such as Frankfurt, which will incur additional bank charges, of around €30.  This may be due to anti-money laundering regulations to prevent Euros being sent directly. Our bank has no control where the money is sent on its route and this is something you need to check with your bank.