Custom Trans-Siberian Experience

Circular tour from Beijing

Our Beijing to Beijing, or ‘Circular Tours’ are aimed at all of you living in Asia who want to experience the Trans-Siberian journey, or even just Mongolia, but do not want to travel all the way to Moscow and ‘Europe’.

Below are two examples. Let us know what you would like to do and we can work out what is possible.


Custom BUB: Beijing – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing

ITINERARY: Depart from Beijing on the overnight train to Ulaanbaatar, book various optional tours in Mongolia, before returning to Beijing on the train.
OUR SAY: The cheapest way to Mongolia and includes and option to visit the Gobi desert on the way out, or on the way back. Popular route, so book early in summer.
DATES: Trains run year round, but departs just once (or twice in summer) a week so you need to be flexible with dates.
- The best way to reach Mongolia
- Overnight train journey crosses the Great Wall and the Gobi Desert
- Plenty of tours to book in Mongolia
INCLUDES: Train ticket for two journeys for three nights for one night on train #23 and one night on train #24, respectively, info pack, assistance departing from Beijing, additional tours in Mongolia must be booked.
EXTRAS: Not included in the price are visa costs, accommodation and tours in Mongolia, food on train. Remember you will need a re-entry visa for China.
As this is a custom trip there is total flexibility with dates, stay in Mongolia for as long as your visa allows. Return travel must be booked before departure in most cases.
Train #23 departs Beijing on Monday (till June 2018) and Tuesday. From June 2018 the Mongolian train leaves on Saturday.
Train #24 departs Ulaanbaatar on Thursday year round.

Custom BIUUB: Beijing – Irkutsk – Ulan-Ude – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing

ITINERARY: Fly to Irkutsk, enjoy time at Lake Baikal before journeying through Ulan-Ude to Mongolia and then fly back to Beijing in time for work the following Monday, a nine day trip.
OUR SAY: This is a special itinerary with extra flights to fit a tight holiday schedule and works very well with the October Holiday 201. If time is short, skip Ulan-Ude.
DATES: Trains and flights operate year round so we should be able to arrange this itinerary any time of the year.
- Amazing Lake Baikal
– Explore Buryat Religion in Ulan-Ude
- Plenty of tour options in Mongolia

Remember you will need a re-entry visa for China.

Visiting the Gobi dessert in Mongolia - map
Map Irkutsk Ulaanbaatar
Map Trans-Mongolian route