Imperial Russia Train

Moscow to Vladivostok

14 days / 8 stops – € 6,055 (per person, twin share)

14 day itinerary with tour services in Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Lake Baikal and Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok

Tour Introduction
Russia is a mysterious country and many have tried to understand it but even Lev Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote about the Russian restless soul, torn between Oriental traditions and Western civilization. To understand Russia, one should get on a train and cross it from West to East.
For this purpose the Trans-Siberian Railway is a perfect adventure — the most famous railway in the World — the path to the heart of Russia. Thousands of kilometers from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, you will hear the beating of the iron heart, what it is silent about, what it is inspired by. Just trust in the road and the country will reveal its unexpected sides.
You will see Russia in all its historical greatness, in the mixture of cultures and fortunes, in the architectural splendor and extravagance, diverse and united, unifying different people and religions.
This is Russia: to solve its mystery one has to cross it from the West to the East…

Moscow — Kazan — Ekaterinburg — Novosibirsk — Irkutsk — Lake Baikal — Ulan-Ude — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok

Services included:


  • onboard the «Imperial Russia» Train
  • 1 night at Moscow hotel, 1 night in Vladivostok
  • towels, bathrobe and slippers available onboard of the «Imperial Russia» Train

Excursions & guides:

  • excursions with local guides according to the program
  • excursions will be conducted in English, German, French and Spanish. Other languages are possible upon request


  • tea/coffee on board throughout the day
  • full board

Other services:

  • pick-up at the airports, transfer to hotels and train stations, transfer to the airport
  • services of the porter at the hotel and the railway stations
  • brief informative lectures on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, geography and history of the country visited
  • doctor onboard
  • English speaking Group Leader and Tour managers

Services not included:

  • international and domestic flights
  • visa fees (Company is not liable for passengers with incorrect or expired visas)
  • all drinks ordered in the bar car
  • “Tailor made” excursions. You have possibility to extend your Tour. We offer additional excursions in every city within the Tour and in other cities of Russia
  • meals on the day of arrival, departure
  • tips and personal expenses
  • insurance (every passenger is obliged to have a medical insurance for the whole duration of the Tour)
  • vaccination: consult your doctor or medical center for specific health advice, due to visit of different countries in terms of this Tour

Add-ons before the trip – tour programs and accommodation
This trip is very different in style and content to our regular Trans-Siberian journeys. It is a group departure and has all the day trips and excursions included. You can add an extension from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg with accommodation in Saint-Petersburgovernight or express day train and extra nights accommodation in Moscow, along with a number of additional tours in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Day 1
Moscow arrival
Arrive in Moscow today, where you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. You can choose to enjoy your down time at your hotel room or make a discovery walk of the hotel vicinity. This evening you will enjoy dinner on your own.

Day 2
Moscow sightseeing
After breakfast, you will enjoy the panoramic tour of Moscow that give you an idea of capital’s dimensions. Explore the Red Square, the very heart of Moscow, with picturesque St. Basil’s Cathedral or enjoy the ride in Moscow subway with the stations that are more likely to be underground palaces. You will be impressed by the spectacular Cathedral of Christ the Savior or stunning view of Moscow standing on the Lenin Hills with your back towards Moscow University and other historical sites. After lunch in the city, continue to the Kremlin, one of the best-known monuments in Russia and in the world. The guided tour takes you inside the former residence of the Russian Tzars. Enjoy some time in down town strolling along the ancient Arbat Street with its numerous cafes, souvenir shops. Later in the evening, you’ll board Imperial Russia Train. Enjoy your dinner onboard & get to know your travel companions.

Day 3
Upon arrival in Kazan, once the capital of the Tatar Khanate you will depart for City Tour to explore the Old Kazan. Today, in the White Kremlin of Kazan, a new mosque rises in the immediate vicinity of a Christian cathedral. Enjoy the spectacular folklore program that will give you an insight into the Tatar national epic. We invite you to taste local cuisine while lunch & follow cooking demo revealing the secrets of Tatar cuisine. Later this afternoon you board your train & continue your trip. Tonight enjoy your dinner onboard!

Day 4
Today we arrive in Ekaterinburg & start our discovery of this city that is closely connected with the family of the last Russian Emperor. During the tour, you will visit the memorial Church on the Blood to commemorate the tragic events taken place in this city. After lunch in downtown, we continue our tour. An absolutely must see is a memorial that marks the borderline between Europe & Asia. You will have an opportunity to be in both continents at the same time & keep the memory of it taking pictures. In the evening, we board the «Imperial Russia» train. Tonight enjoy your dinner onboard!

Day 5
We arrive in Novosibirsk, the very heart of Siberia, & start our tour of city in the vicinity of the railway station with the visit to the local railway museum dedicated to the legendary Trans-Siberian railway. After lunch break the city tour will take us the embankment of the Ob river, main squares and streets of the most Soviet city on our itinerary. The local Opera House stands out among local sites, will impress you with its monumental architecture, and is known as the biggest theater building in this country. Board your train & enjoy your dinner tonight onboard!

Day 6
On board
Your «Imperial Russia» train keeps traveling through Siberia. Today enjoy your stay onboard to reflect on cities you have already visited. You may want to spend your time having a drink at the bar with your fellow travelers, or you might stay in your cabin and follow the changing scenery. Wooden houses, birch forests and if lucky enough some sun rays over mountain landscapes will greet you. Onboard staff will invite you for a talk on Trans-Siberian railway. Enjoy the relaxing day in anticipation of the next stop!

Day 7
Our train arrives in Irkutsk today, one of the largest cities in Siberia. This city has preserved quite a few of historical buildings and monuments. During the city tour you will see picturesque wooden houses, visit the Decembrists’ House that will unfold the story of failed uprising of Russian aristocracy who were exiled to this city. After lunch do not miss the opportunity to visit an open-air museum located in the picturesque place of the river bank of Angara. This unique museum will tell you about the daily life of the people in this region in the past. Spend some free time strolling through Irkutskaya Sloboda before you will board your train in the evening.

Day 8
Lake Baikal
Standing on the shores of Lake Baikal, you can’t help being awestruck with admiration by the wonder created by nature itself. It is the deepest Lake in the world that contains the fifth part of the Earth’s fresh water. After breakfast, board a motor ship to sail on the waters of the Baikal to the village of Listvyanka. Here you will visit the unique museum dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Lake. Not to be missed is the observation point at the Cherssky Stone with a stunning view on the Lake and the Angara river. After a visit to a local market, the journey continues along the original route of the Trans-Siberian Railway for several hours directly along the shore of Lake Baikal. Your train will stop at a particular spot for you to enjoy the majestic lake and a barbeque dinner.

Day 9
The «Imperial Russia» train will stop in Ulan-Ude today, the capital of Buryatia. A special spiritual experience is a visit to an active datsan that is on your program during the city tour today. Be a guest to the locals who will welcome you in a traditional yurt. Here you learn how to cook traditional “pozy”, play dice, wear traditional costume, and assemble yurt. Another perspective on the Buryats’ culture is a colorful and spectacular folklore program that you will enjoy here. Later in the evening board the «Imperial Russia» train to continue your voyage to the Far East.

Day 10
On board
Today enjoy one more leisure day while we are travelling through the beautiful landscapes of the Russian Far East. The train crosses the countryside to the east of Lake Baikal, passes through branching to the Trans-Manchurian railway.

Day 11
On board
We spend our last full day onboard «Imperial Russia» train and approach our most eastern point of our journey. You might want to attend one of the interesting lectures or entertaining program.

Day 12
The «Imperial Russia» train stops in the city of Khabarovsk today. We will take you to the most important sites and museums of this city. After a lunch break, we invite you to take a boat ride along the Amur River that forms a natural boarder of Russia & China. Enjoy the views of the city and entertainment onboard the boat. Later in the noon, take part in the workshop to create your own Russian souvenir – paint your own matryoshka, the famous nestling doll, to take as one of the numerous memories from this journey.

Day 13
The «Imperial Russia» train traveled over 9000 km along this famous railway to reach its final destination, the city of Vladivostok.
Vladivostok was founded in 1860 with mission to defend the south-eastern border of Russia. This city is nowadays the home base of the Pacific Russian military fleet. A free access was given to visitors only in 1992. We invite you to explore this city with dramatic past and great future. Enjoy the bay view from a boat or from the top of one of the hills on which the city lies, walk the streets with ocean breeze, check out the historic sites and capture the refreshing spirit of the natural surroundings.
Today you will lodge in one of the hotels in town.

Day 14
After breakfast, take an advantage of some free time before your transfer to the airport from where you start your travel home.

We can book extra accommodation and tours in Moscow, along with an extension from Saint-Petersburg.

Departure dates from Moscow
22 May, 19 July 2020

Prices in Euro (per person)
€ 17,900 – VIP Class Cabin, based on solo travel and occupancy
€ 10,700 – VIP Class Cabin, based on two people travelling together

€ 16,720 – Business Class Cabin, based on solo travel and occupancy
€ 9,970 – Business Class Cabin, based on two people travelling together

€ 9,245 – First Class Plus Cabin, based on solo travel and occupancy
€ 6,545 – First Class Plus Cabin, based on two people travelling together

€ 8,505 – First Class Cabin, based on solo travel and occupancy
€ 6,055 – First Class Cabin, based on two people travelling together

Payment and cancellation conditions:

  1. The prepayment is due 5 days upon receipt of the tour confirmation. The prepayment is non-refundable. The prepayment shall amount to:
    • 1500 EUR  – per person in VIP compartment;
    • 1500 EUR – per person in BUSINESS CLASS compartment;
    • 900 EUR – per person in FIRST CLASS PLUS compartment;
    • 900 EUR – per person in FIRST CLASS compartment.
  2. Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure.
  3. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation 60 days prior to departure is subject to penalty at the rate of 50 % of the tour price.
  4. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation 30 days prior to departure is subject to penalty at the rate of 100% of the tour price.

This type of car contains 5 compartments. There are two berths in every compartment: a sofa that transforms into a semi-double bed 120 cm wide, and the upper berth of width of 90 cm, a chair and a folding table.

All compartments are equipped with individual water closet with a shower booth and a washbowl. An individual air conditioner for heating and cooling the cabin.

This type of car contains 6 compartments. There are two berths in every compartment: a sofa that transforms into a semi-double bed 120 cm wide, and the upper berth of width of 90 cm, a chair and a folding table.

All compartments are equipped with a private en-suite bathroom with a washbasin, toilet and wet shower. An individual air conditioner for heating and cooling the cabin.

Consists of 8 passenger compartments, 2 berths in each. Berths: one upper, one lower one. All compartments are equipped with a table with an armchair. Between compartments, there are four rooms with washbowls and shower cans. In compartment 9 there is a room for storing luggage.

Two water closets: in the beginning and in the end of the car.

The air conditioning system is general. Most cars are equipped with LCD TV sets.

Consists of 8 passenger compartments, with 2 lower berths in each and equipped with a table and LCD TV set. In compartment 9 there is a shower booth with a washbowl.

Two water closets: in the beginning and the end of the car.

The air conditioning system is general.