Embassies & Consulates

Make Your Own visa applications

If you do not want to make advantage of our visa services, you can obtain your own visas. Some embassies also offer a postal visa service. Check with your nearest consulate for more details.

Russian Visa

Once we have received a deposit payment we will send the Russian Visa Support so you can make the application at your local embassy. We charge € 20 for the Russian visa support sent to you as an email attachment. You will need to complete the application and attach a copy our visa support to each application. More info on the Russian Visa

Original Documents

Russian Embassies in Hanoi, Delhi, Kathmandu (as well Beijing) can be particularly difficult to deal with if you do not have the original documents. If the embassy asks for originals consider making the application elsewhere, or ask us to send them to you from Moscow. The cost by DHL will be around € 70 depending where you are and how quickly you need them.


There is a Russian Consulate in Shanghai which is reportedly less strict than the Embassy in Beijing. You may be able to apply for the Russian tourist visa in the Russian Consulate in Shanghai.

Mongolian Visa

The Mongolian visa is normally straightforward to obtain and you do not normally require any supporting paperwork for the tourist visa application. If you do need any documents we can supply the official invitation for € 15. More info on the Mongolian Visa

Chinese Visa

The Chinese Visa is also easy to arrange in most embassies around the world. If you are visiting Hong Kong our office there can help you with the arragements. You shouldn’t need any supporting documents for a standard 30 day toursit visa. If you do need an invitation, we can supply the documents as an email for € 15 per person. More info on the Chinese Visa

Applying for visas in UK

Applying for visas in the UK was fairly straight-forward using a postal service pre-covid. Find all updated info on the web site of the Russian Embassy in London. If you apply in person, the Russian Embassy is always very busy, especially in the summer and the queues to gain entry start very early in the morning – there are some small agents across the street that offer a visa service – for a price

The Chinese Embassy in London also offers a postal visa service through their official site – Chinese Visa Application Service Center. If you apply in person, there are always queues at the Chinese Embassy in Portland road, so be there early

The Mongolian Embassy in High Street Kensington is very friendly and they can often accept the visa application more than three months ahead which is quite useful if you will be travelling elsewhere before starting your trans-siberian trip. The Mongolian Embassy do not offer a postal visa service. If you are unable to visit in person, then a visa agent may be able to help you.

China – http://www.chinese-embassy.org.uk/eng/
Mongolia – http://www.embassyofmongolia.co.uk/
Russia – http://www.great-britain.mid.ru/

Apply for visas in USA

You will need Chinese and Russian Visas for this trip. We will send you the necessary Russian invitation documents to enable you to obtain the visa yourself at your local embassy.

There are a number of Russian consulates around the country where it is possible to apply (New York, DC, Seattle and San Francisco), see the Russian Embassy website for details. The Russian Embassy have an official visa agency to handle postal visa applications.

Alternatively a visa agency such as http://abriggs.com may be able to arrange all the visas you need.

Apply for visas in Australia

The Chinese Embassy has visa offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

The Mongolian Embassy is represented in O’Malley, Canberra.

You can make a postal visa application to the Russian Embassy in Canberra. Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide are also represented.

New Zealand Visa Procedure

The Russian Embassy in New Zealand asks for a covering letter from a local agency and we can help with this paperwork in most cases.

Singapore Visas

Here are some useful links:

Embassy Address in Japan

Japanese nationals can travel to Mongolia visa free for up to 14 days, the visa application for Russia may be free if you apply in Japan.


The Embassy of Russia in Japan (Tokyo) (81-3) 3583-4224
The Consulate Section of the Embassy (Tokyo) (81-3) 3586-0408
The Consulate General of Russia (Osaka) (81-6) 6848-3451
The Consulate General of Russia (Niigata) (81-25) 244-6015
The Consulate General of Russia (Sapporo) (81-11) 561-3171


Chinese Embassy (Tokyo) (81-3)3403-3380
Consulate General (Osaka) (81-6)6445-9481
Consulate General (Sapporo) (81-11)563-5563
Consulate General (Nagasaki) (81-958)49-3311
Consulate General (Fukuoka) (81-92)713-1121


The Mongolian Embassy (Tokyo)
21-4 Kamiyama Cho Shibuya Ku, Tokyo 150-0047, Japan
Tel: (81-3)033 469 2088 E-mail: embmong@gol.com