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Citizens of 80 countries can enter Belarus visa-free for up to 5 days through Minsk National Airport, the press service of the President of Belarus reports on 9 January 2018.

Visa-free entry will apply to citizens of 39 European states, including all EU countries, as well as to Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, Japan and other states.


These are, first of all, countries without migration problems, strategic partners of Belarus and the states that have unilaterally lifted visas for Belarusian citizens.

The new rules also cover such categories of travellers as non-citizens of Latvia and persons without citizenship from Estonia.


To enter Belarus visa-free, foreigners need to have a valid passport or other travel document, a certain sum of money (equivalent of 2 basic amounts, or 42 Belarusian rubles, for each day of stay), a medical insurance valid in Belarus.

Citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa must also have a valid multiple visa to any EU member state or Schengen country with a mark about the entry into their territory, as well as tickets confirming leave from Minsk National airport within 5 days from the date of entry.

Visa-free travel does not apply to persons coming to Belarus with flights from Russia and intending to fly to Russia.

Belarus continued steps in facilitating visa procedures for foreign tourists. It granted visa-free entry for citizens of the UAE; and to Chinese tourists arriving in groups. In the end of November, visa-free trips to Belarus for Brazilians. In October 2016, the Augustow Canal park in Hrodna region became visa-free for visits lasting up to 5 days, which has attracted tourists from over 20 countries.

The list of 80 countries in Decree No8 “On the introduction of the visa-free entry and departure for foreign citizens”

Albania Estonia**** Lithuania San Marino
Andorra Finland Luxembourg Saudi Arabia
Antigua and Barbuda France Macau** Seychelles
Australia Gambia* Macedonia Singapore
Austria Germany Malaysia Slovakia
Bahrain Greece Malta Slovenia
Barbados Haiti* Mexico Sovereign Military Order of Malta**
Belgium Honduras * Monaco Spain
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hong Kong ** Namibia* Sweden
Brazil Hungary New Zealand Switzerland
Bulgaria Iceland Nicaragua The Argentine
Canada India * Norway The Federated States of Micronesia
Chile Indonesia Oman The Netherlands
China* Ireland Panama The Republic of Korea
Commonwealth of Dominica Italy Peru The Republic of Vanuatu
Croatia Japan*** Poland The United Kingdom
Cyprus Kuwait Portugal The United States of America
Czech Republic Latvia *** Romania Uruguay
Denmark Lebanon * Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Vatican City
El Salvador Liechtenstein Samoa* Vietnam*

* If there is a valid document for travel abroad with a valid multiple visa of the states-members of the European Union or the states-participants of the Schengen area with a note of entry to the territory of a state-member of the European Union or a state-member of the Schengen area, as well as tickets confirming the date of departure from the Minsk National Airport.

** It is not a state.

*** Including persons with non-citizen status of the Republic of Latvia.

**** Including persons without citizenship, permanently residing in Estonia.


A TRANSIT VISA is required when travelling overland by train or bus from or to Russia and most European destinations such as: Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, etc..

Make sure you apply for this visa before starting your trip, or if you are travelling from Asia to Europe, you will have to spend more time in Beijing, Moscow, or St Petersburg.

Overland travel from / to the Baltic States, Finland or via Ukraine is likely to avoid Belarus and the need for a transit visa, which is particularly useful for US or UK Citizens to know, as a Belarus visa will cost them a surcharge of around US$100 !!

Our local agent in Moscow and St Petersburg can help with visa arrangements if required and we may be able to help in Beijing as well (case by case). See more details from the various embassies below.

Beijing Service

We offer a visa service in our Beijing office depending on demand and local rules. Our service charge in Beijing is € 25 per visa and we will need your passport for at least four working days for an express Belarus visa. You will need to supply passport / passport photo / application form which you can download here.

Beijing Consulate

Open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for application from 9:30am till 12:30am. Collection at same times.

Transit from ¥315 (€36), for a two working day service or ¥180 (€20) for five day service, although the price depends on nationality (for example a UK passport holder was quoted more than ¥1,000!) You need 1 photo, application form (from our download page), original Russian visa plus a copy, your passport. Get there early in the summer to be at front of the long queue. You need to make payment in RMB at the large Bank of China on the North West corner of Chaoyangmen Qiao. Show the bank receipt when collecting your passport.

1 Ritan Dong Yi Jie, (east of Ritan Park), Chaoyang Qu, Beijing, 100600. Ri Tan Lu, P.R. China
Phone 14:00 to 18:00: +86-10-6532-1691
web in Chinese or Russian only, so use Google Translator or similar:

Shanghai Consulate

There is now a Belarus Embassy in Shanghai, which is a useful place to stop and pick up one of your many needed visas, if you are passing.

Have a look at the Belarus Consulate website for exact requirements.

1702F, 2299 Yan’an Rd (W), Shanghai, 200336, P.R. China
Tel: +(86 21) 62 36 00 86, +(86 21) 62 36 00 32
Fax: +(86 21) 62 36 01 13

Russia Service

Our Russian partners at Marlis Travel can obtain the visa for you for an application service fee of € 35. Give your passport to Marlis Travel on arrival in Moscow or take it to their office in St Petersburg and they will apply the next working day. They will return the passport to you the following working day. Payment must be made in Rubles at the central bank exchange rate + 2%.

Moscow Consulate

Open Monday to Friday from 10am till 12 noon (for application) and from 4pm till 4:30pm (for collection). Transit: Overnight service fee is €45 for most nationalities (US and UK pay US$135+). You will need to provide 1 photo, passport and Russian visa are needed. Tel: +8-10-095-924-70-95.

St Petersburg Consulate

Open Monday to Friday 2pm till 3pm only. For express visa: Open Monday to Friday 09:30-10:00 am. Tel: 8-10-812-273-41-64. Transit: US$45 – express for most nationalities. 1 photo, passport, Russian visa and onward ticket are needed.