Tips to have a safe Trans-Siberian journey

In general a Trans-Siberian trip doesn’t present any serious safety issues for you or your belongings and it is extremely rare that we hear of any incidents. However, be aware of the points below as you travel and you are certain to have a trouble free trip.

Look after your baggage at all times, especially during the rush upon arrival and departure and keep cameras and passports safely tucked away out of sight.

We strongly recommend that you avoid the use of porters at all stations.

You can ask your conductor to lock your cabin door if you will absent from your cabin for some time (on a trip to the dining car for example), but a triangular skeleton key (UK gas meter key for example) can open any door so keep valuables hidden away.

From inside your cabin a dead lock can be used to stop unwanted access during the night.

Make sure your window is closed during stops. Don’t let thieves serve themselves while you stretch your legs.

Always take your valuables with you to the dining car or when you get off the train at stops along the way.

In general no one is interested in your dirty laundry so your main pack can stay in the cabin.

Be careful getting of the train!

When you get off the train the conductor will give you your ticket back. Have your ticket handy as it is often required to pass through and exit the station building.

There is no hurry to get off the train.

The train will normally be at the station for 15 to 30 minutes (unless you have booked a tour to a remote place such as Sainshand in the Gobi).

The chaos and loss of orientation on first arrival at a busy station is a prime time for opportunists to pick-pocket or pick up loose luggage, be alert, be calm, and be in control.