What to wear during the Trans-Siberian Tour?

What clothes to pack?

Below are some recommendations on specific clothing considerations for the various seasons.

However, it must be stressed that there is nothing definitive about this and on rare occasions it can snow in July and be 30 degrees Celsius in September. In general sturdy shoes or decent trekking sandals are a good idea. Sleeping bags aren’t necessary and can be borrowed from our partners when needed.

What to wear in Spring (early April to end of May) ?

Be prepared for any kind of weather during this season. Beijing can already be hot and
dusty and Moscow and St Petersburg are generally cool and fine but Mongolia will be cold
(especially at night) while Russia can be a muddy slushy mess in April. It is the season for
decent footwear.

What clothes to pack during Summer (June, July, August) ?

Heat and the intensity of the sun are the issues in the summer. To the surprise of many it
can get really hot in Russia in the summer months – that’s up to 40° Celsius during a heat

Mongolia is generally dry but characterized by extreme swings in temperature so when
going out for the day take a pullover or fleece with you just in case – the nights there are
usually cool. It is also necessary to protect yourself from the sun, due to the altitude. This is
particularly true in the Gobi where good sun block and hat are absolutely essential. Shorts
and good trekking sandals good although some temples and smart restaurants and clubs in
the big cities will require you to dress up smart casual. Lastly, don’t forget to bring swimming
trunks for that dip in Lake Baikal!

What to wear in Autumn (September, October) ?

Similar to spring but with little need to worry about the slush. To many this is the best season
with little rain, pleasant day temperatures but cool nights. Make sure you have some clothing
for moderately cold weather for the evenings and, once into October the day as well. Each
year there seems to be at least one freak snowy day in Mongolia in September but it usually
doesn’t last long.

What clothes to bring during beautiful Winter season(November to end March) ?

It is cold by anybody’s definition at this time although. The key is layers of clothing and plenty
of them. You’d be mad to travel without thermal underwear. Good quality hats, scarves
and gloves are also a must and make sure your coat is at least windproof. Bring sturdy and
waterproof winterboots with enough room to wiggle your toes. It can be so warm inside that
it’s quite common to see windows open in January. If starting your trip in China, Beijing is an
excellent place to stock up on warm clothing