Listvyanka, Russia.

Nearly all of our guests will stop in Irkutsk as part of their Trans-Siberian Tour and will stay for a few nights on the shores of magical Lake Baikal.

The majority of these customers will visit Listvyanka, which is a small village on the shore of Lake Baikal and the easiest part of the lake to visit from Irkutsk, taking just over one hour’s drive along the main road.

A decade ago all of our customers would stay in a homestay in the middle of the village, where the traditional wooden homes had no running water and a toilet and sauna in the back garden. As the village has modernised with tourist attractions and restaurants on the main stretch alongside the lakeside, so too have the private homes and now many have extensions, conservatories, central heating and western style bathrooms. The village charm still prevails.

Listvyanka accommodation – Guesthouse new block.

One of our favourite guesthouses is run by Julia and her husband, and the main building has a dozen twin/double rooms on two floors with shared bathrooms. The building is still in the traditional wooden style and the rooms are decorated with wood panelling, wooden beds, and rugs on the wooden floorboards. You get the idea.

In 2015 the owners have replaced the sauna in the back garden with a second block with eight comfortable rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. So if you are looking for a more comfortable accommodation with the extra privacy of your own bathroom, but still with the kind hospitality and meals that Julia and her family offer, we can now offer a broader selection of rooms.

The guesthouse also has connections with a restaurant, just 20 metres away and directly overlooking Lake Baikal – the perfect picture frame for any meal. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are convenience stores and shops close by. But no ATM’s, so arrange your banking in Irkutsk in advance.

Listvyanka Russia, Usadba Demidova Hotel