Steam Power

Shaman Rock, Olkhon Island

Steaming by Lake Baikal

Bactrian camels, Gobi Desert

Mongolian musicians

Train #1 - The Rossiya, Vladivostok to Moscow

Red Square, Moscow

The Kremlin, Moscow

Open Steppe, Central Mongolia

A Buryat welcome

Ulan-Ude Viewpoint


Irkutsk Railway Station

Monkeyshrine – The Trans-Siberian Tour Specialist

Your guide to a Trans-Siberian adventure of a lifetime

As the specialists in Trans-Siberian / Trans-Mongolian railway adventures, with 30 years of experience, and supported by reliable and friendly local partners throughout China, Mongolia and Russia, we are ready and well-equipped to arrange a journey of a lifetime to suit your travel style, time frame and budget.

Begin your adventure in Beijing, Moscow or Vladivostok, travel the Trans-Siberian route or the more popular Trans-Mongolian route, the less travelled Trans-Manchurian, or the remote and adventurous BAM route.

Limited by time and budget?
No problem: fly into Ulaanbaatar or destinations in Russia, or try a round-trip circuit out of Beijing to Mongolia and Siberia.

Trans-Siberian Tour - Map with possible routes and extentions

Five easy steps to plan your Trans-Siberian Tour


1- Choose the Trans-Siberian journey you wish to make

  • Though we also offer full-on luxurious package tours on Private Trains, what we do best and specialize in is customizing your trip.
  • Go to our Journeys page to choose your start city and the direction of travel. Choose from the following four main journeys, or contact us for alternative routes.

2- Pick the destinations you wish to visit

  • Go to Destinations to research the many stopover destinations on offer.
  • Find the journey itinerary package to match the destinations you wish to include, or add on to the existing packages.

3- Play around with the tour programs in each destination

  • Choose one of our standard Polny (Package) or Osnova (Budget) packages, or customise your itinerary to suit your time frame, budget and travel style.
  • Feel free to substitute or extend tour programs in any of the stopover destinations.
  • Upgrade or downgrade Accommodation to suit your budget.

4- Check the ‘Trains and Scheduling’ details to coordinate travel dates

  • Check the Trains and Scheduling page for information in regards to possible trip start dates, as well as the onward travel from stopover destinations.
  • Review train standards, carriages classes, and cabin layout details.

5- Ready to book a trip, or do you have questions?

  • Need more information, or have a question? Contact us via the Inquiries button at the top of every page, or the Contact Us tab on the main menu.
  • Overwhelmed by all the info and not sure what you want or to expect? Contact us for an appointment to chat on Skype!

‘I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful our experience was in Siberia. The entire trip fit together seamlessly and without a hitch of any kind. What can I say … everything was perfect.’

Bonnie Hofkin, May 2016


The Trans-Siberian is a network of routes, including, but not limited to:

  • the Trans-Siberian, linking Moscow to Vladivostok;
  • the Trans-Mongolian, branching off the Trans-Siberian and traversing Mongolia through to Beijing;
  • and the Trans-Manchurian, which also links Siberia to Beijing, though bypassing Mongolia.


The majority of our guests travel the Trans-Mongolian route, between Beijing and Moscow via Mongolia, with most beginning their journey in Beijing and travelling west. The Trans-Mongolian route is arguably the more scenic and diverse. From Beijing, the mountains to the north, offering glimpses of The Great Wall, give way to the south eastern reaches of the Gobi Desert, before turning to the wide open expanses of the Mongolian open steppe.


A far lesser travelled route, the Trans-Manchurian, connects Beijing through north east China to Russia, effectively by-passing Mongolia. This is the choice route for guests wishing to catch the famous ice festival in Harbin, or for guests on a round-trip journey out of Beijing through Mongolia and Siberia before heading back into China rather than continuing to Moscow.


The original route between Moscow and Vladivostok, spanning two continents and nine time zones. For guests wishing to begin the trip in Vladivostok, the best option is to fly into Vladivostok, with connections through Beijing, Harbin, Seoul, Tokyo and elsewhere. Alternatively, travel from Korea or Japan by ferry. Travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok, the same options apply onward from Vladivostok.

Whichever direction, route or stopover destinations you choose to include, it promises to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Trans-Siberian Tour - Bird's Nest in Beijing

Beijing to Moscow

Travelling east to west is by far the most popular direction for our guests. The natural beauty of Mongolia and Lake Baikal give way to the vibrancy and rich culture of Moscow and Europe beyond.

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow - visited during my Trans-Siberian Journey

Moscow to Beijing

Travelling west to east, and beginning with the European, yet distinct, atmosphere of Saint Petersburg and Moscow, the adventure has a slightly different flavour. The hectic whirlwind in Moscow gives way to a more relaxing time at Lake Baikal and on the open steppe in Mongolia – even Beijing has a more laid-back feel compared to Moscow.

Harbour, Vladivostok - seen during my Vladivostok to Moscow Tour

Vladivostok to Moscow

The Vladivostok to Moscow route definitely sees less traffic, though it is popular for travellers wishing to tick off what may be thought of as the official Trans-Siberian, spanning two continents and nine time zones. Train enthusiasts particularly wish to undertake at least part of the journey on the ‘Rossiya’ train #1.

Vladivistok Railway Station - stopover of my Trans-Siberian Tour

Moscow to Vladivostok

Travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok allows you to continue on by ferry to Korea or Japan, or by plane to China. Make it a bigger adventure by adding a side trip into Mongolia.


A trip along the Trans-Siberian route brings you to at least three very distinctive, important and culturally very different destinations! Each have a unique and rich history. This will truly be a journey of experiences that reshape any wrong pre-conceptions you might have about Russia, Mongolia and China!
Emerge yourself into historical Russian splendour, get back to the feel of the 13th Century on the Steppes of Mongolia with the nomads who once ruled the largest empire in history, and be amazed at the contrast between the emerging Chinese superpower of today and the sophistication left by 8,000 years of inventions and civilisation.

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow


Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches.

Saint Petersburg, founded by Russian leader Peter the Great, showcases the baroque Winter Palace, now housing part of the State Hermitage Museum’s extensive art collection.

Ger in Central Mongolia


Mongolia, a nation bordered by China and Russia, is known for vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture. Its capital, Ulaanbaatar, centers around Sukhbaatar Square. In July 1921, the ‘hero of the revolution’, Damdin Sukhbaatar, declared Mongolia’s final independence from the Chinese. The Square now bears his name and features a statue of him astride his horse.

Ulaanbaatar also houses the National Museum of Mongolia, displaying historic and ethnographic artifacts, and the restored 1830 Gandan Khiid Monastery.

Beijing, China - part of my Trans-Siberian Tour


China is a populous nation in East Asia whose vast landscape encompasses grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers and more than 14,000km of coastline.

Beijing mixes modern architecture with historic cultural sites, such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. On the outskirts of Beijing, visitors can scrabble the wondrous Great Wall of China.

‘Thanks for the excellent organization of this trip – there has not been a single breakdown. All trains, transfers, hotels, the guides, have worked perfectly and were on time and in any manner in order. 
The trip was in my – in our view – a complete success.’

Reinhold Friedrich, June 2016

A Trans-Siberian Tour with our Experience and Flexibility

A journey along the Trans-Siberian route is on many travellers’ bucket-list, a “once in a lifetime” dream trip. The chance to explore China, Mongolia and Russia, while travelling on part of the longest train journey in the world is closer to reality, now that you have found this site, and the team with the experience to put together your next adventure.

The mountain of information one is faced with in researching such a trip can be quite overwhelming. Uncovering the magical destinations, deciphering the intricate and ever-changing train schedules, and getting your head around the multiple visa processes are just some of the many pieces of this incredible puzzle. The good news is that we are here to help you piece together this puzzle, and ease you through the steps towards this legendary journey.

Each year, we prepare several “ready made” packages, combining the best of the destinations with various activities and excursions to deliver a rich and engaging cultural experience. Our packages may perfectly match what you have in mind, or they may simply provide the framework for creating a broader plan. These packages are just the beginning. The flexibility we offer and encourage enables us to co-create an unforgettable and tailor made adventure to suit your time frame, budget and travel style.

Let’s get started…