Mongolia Visa

Only certain nations have a 'travel without visa' agreement with Mongolia.

Important: you may have read that Europeans and South Americans can travel to Mongolia visa free. This special trial exemption was only valid from June 2014 until December 31st 2015 and the continuation of the ability to 'travel without visa' has now been cancelled.

The good news is the visa is fairly easy to arrange. We offer a visa service through the Beijing Embassy for our tour customers. Below you can find full information on the visa process, where to apply and a full list of the visa exemptions.

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Beijing Visa Service

We can apply for the Mongolian visa on your behalf in our Beijing office with advance notice. Bring (or send from within China) your passport to our local support staff with a completed application form and passport photo. As well as a signed approval for a third party to apply on your behalf.

The express service has been suspended for non-Chinese visa applicants. Allow four working days to apply for the visa in Beijing.

The Embassy is often busy and we can not guarantee first time application, meaning you should allow six working days for the visa service.

The Mongolian tourist visa in Beijing is issued for 30 days stay in Mongolia in most cases.

The Mongolian transit visa can only be issued with proof of through train ticket which we may not have available at time of application. In this case we will need to apply for a tourist visa for you, or apply for the visa closer to time of departure.

Tourist Visa

A Mongolian tourist visa is required for any trip to Mongolia (for example our tours to the Gobi Desert or starting from Ulaanbaatar). A tourist visa is valid for 14 to 30 days in most cases and can be obtained three months in advance of your travel dates.

Transit Visa

A Mongolian transit visa is required when travelling by train directly from China to Russia and is normally valid for 48 hours in transit, sometimes for 5-10 days. You need a valid Russian visa and your train ticket through the country to apply for a transit visa.

Application Prcess

The Mongolian visa is usually straightforward and easy to obtain in most embassies throughout the world. You may be able to obtain the visa yourself before arriving in China. Check the procedure at your local embassy.

Visa Invitation

Most nationalities do not need any supporting paperwork when applying for a tourist. However, nationals of South Africa, China, Brazil, etc may need an official invitation sent from the Ministry of Foeign Affairs (MFA) in Ulaanbaatar directly to the Embassy.

We can arrange an official visa invitation for € 20 per person as long as you have booked a tour with us in Mongolia. We will need to know your passport details, address, employment details and importantly in which Embassy you intend to make the application.

Visa Not Required

If you are taking the Trans-Manchurian route the train travels from Russia to China via Harbin and avoids the Mongolian border. You do not need a Mongolian visa.

If you are travelling from Vladivostok to Moscow it is unlikely you will include Mongolia in your tour itinerary.

Citizens of following countries do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 90 days:
Belarus | Brazil | Georgia | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Macao | Serbia | Ukraine | USA

Citizens of following countries do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 30 days:
Canada | Cuba | Germany | Israel | Japan | Laos | Maylaysia | Russia | Thailand | Turkey. * This list has been heavily reduced in 2016 - most Europeans and South Americans now require a visa once again*

Citizens of following countries do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 21 days:

Citizens of following countries do not require a visa to visit Mongolia for 14 days:
Hong Kong | Singapore.

Find the full and updated list on wikipedia and MFA. The IATA also produces a definite but not user-friendly list,


Consulate of Mongolia in Beijing
2 Xiushui Beijie, Jian Guo Men Wai, Beijing
蒙古大使馆. 秀水北街2号
Tel: +86-10-65321203

Opening Hours:

As of Summer 2015, the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing is open for visa application Monday to Friday from 09:00am until 12pm. You can only make an application at these times. The Embassy is open for passport collection from Monday to Friday at 4pm - you can not make a visa application at this time.

Embassy hours are very informal, do not be surprised if you are kept waiting.

The Consular section is always very busy (especially in summer) and so expect to queue to apply. You may not reach the front of the queue on the first attempt as the queues can be long and the Embassy close on time.

We offer a visa service to save you the queues!

Application Process:

You will need a signed application form, acceptance letter duly signed, your passport (with at least 1 blank page for the visa sticker) and one passport picture.

Nationals of China, certain South American countries, South Africa will also need a letter of invitation sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ulaanbaatar directly to the Embassy.

Costs & Payment

Transit visas costs ¥ 200/¥320 (5 day / 2 day service) and Tourist visas cost ¥280/¥580 (5 day / 2 day service) if you apply in person.

You need to make payment with bank card at the time of application. Payment in cash is not a preferred method of payment.

The following is a small list detailing the address of the website in a few locations, popular among our customers. This list is by no means definitive.

Embassy of Mongolia in Beijing

2 Xiushui Beijie, Jian Guo Men Wai, Beijing
蒙古大使馆. 秀水北街2号
Tel: +86-10-65321203

Download a map of this Embassy from our downloads page.

Consulate of Mongolia in Hong Kong


In 2012 the Mongolian Consulate moved.
Unit 1505, 15/F Wing On House,
71 Des Voeux Road Central.
Tel: +852 2522 2400.

Application Process

Apply by appointment only, overnight service. We do not offer a visa service in Hong Kong and application must be made in person.
The visa service in Hong Kong is available to HKID Card Holders Only
HK Passport holders can travel to Mongolia visa free for 14 days.

Mongolian Consulate, Shanghai

Mongolia consular agency in Shanghai
Шанхай дахь Консулын тєлєєлєгч


Address: 1428 South Pudong Road, 1st Floor
Tel 021 -68911207

Open from 10am to 12pm Monday to Friday for visa application and standard visa application takes 5 working days, they also offer an express service in 2 working days.  Collection of passports is in the afternoon.

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Consulate General of Mongolia in Singapore

600 North Bridge Road
#24-08 Parkview Square
Singapore 188778
Tel: (65) 6348 0745


Mongolian Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam
Van Phuc Diplomatic Quarter, Villa 6 Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone +84-4-38453009
Fax +84-4-38454954
Website http://
Office Hours Mon - Fri. 0800 - 1200 1400 - 1700


Other Diplomatic Representations

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Mongolia part of China?
Mongolia is a separate country to China, so your Chinese visa will be cancelled at the Chinese border. Confusion arises because of ‘Inner Mongolia’, an autonomous region of PR CHINA and ‘Outer Mongolia’ - the Republic of Mongolia

Can we obtain a Mongolian visa at the border?
You must apply for a Mongolian visa at the Embassy, you can not officially apply for a Mongolian visa at the land border. In urgent situations a visa can be issued at Ulanbaatar airport but preparations and paperwork needs to be made in advance.

Some questions on the Mongolian visa application may include;
You should apply for an entry / exit visa for 30 days
The tour operator in Mongolia is the local tour company, not us. We can supply the details upon request.
You will be responsible for your own living expenses while in Mongolia (this question is for students and NGO's).

Is the embassy open year round?
All embassies will close for national holiday dates and often observe other dates of their host country. The embassy will likely be closed around these dates for up to one week in some cases! See our page on Embassy Holidays




You can find the Mongolian visa application form for application at this link:
Forms & Downloads page

Visa regulations change frequently and often without warning


Although we try to keep these pages as up-to-date as we can we accept no liability for any inaccuracies in the information contained.

page last updated: 1st January 2016.