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A TRANSIT VISA is required when travelling overland by train or bus from or to Russia and most European destinations such as: Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, etc..

Make sure you apply for this visa before starting your trip, or if you are travelling from Asia to Europe, you will have to spend more time in Beijing, Moscow, or St Petersburg.

Overland travel from / to the Baltic States, Finland or via Ukraine is likely to avoid Belarus and the need for a transit visa, which is particularly useful for US or UK Citizens to know, as a Belarus visa will cost them a surcharge of around US$100 !!

Our local agent in Moscow and St Petersburg can help with visa arrangements if required and we may be able to help in Beijing as well (case by case). See more details from the various embassies below.

Beijing Service

We offer a visa service in our Beijing office depending on demand and local rules. Our service charge in Beijing is € 25 per visa and we will need your passport for at least four working days for an express Belarus visa. You will need to supply passport / passport photo / application form which you can download here.

Beijing Consulate

Open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for application from 9am till 12am. Collection at same times.

Transit from ¥315 (€36), for a two working day service or ¥180 (€20) for five day service, although the price depends on nationality (for example a UK passport holder was quoted more than ¥1,000!) You need 1 photo, application form (from our download centre), original Russian visa plus a copy, your passport. Get there early in the summer to be at front of the long queue. You need to make payment in RMB at the large Bank of China on the North West corner of Chaoyangmen Qiao. Show the bank receipt when collecting your passport.

1 Ritan Dong Yi Jie, (east of Ritan Park), Chaoyang Qu, Beijing, 100600. Ri Tan Lu Beijing China
Phone: +86-10-6532-1691

Shanghai Consulate

There is now a Belarus Embassy in Shanghai, which is a useful place to stop and pick up one of your many needed visas, if you are passing.

Have a look at the Belarus Embassy website for exact requirements.

1702F, 2299 Yan’an Rd (W), Shanghai, 200336 China
Tel: +(86 21) 62 36 00 86, +(86 21) 62 36 00 32
Fax: +(86 21) 62 36 01 13

Russia Service

Our Russian partners at Marlis Travel can obtain the visa for you for an application service fee of € 35. Give your passport to Marlis Travel on arrival in Moscow or take it to their office in St Petersburg and they will apply the next working day. They will return the passport to you the following working day. Payment must be made in Rubles at the cecntral bank exchange rate + 2%.

Moscow Consulate

Open Monday to Friday from 10am till 12 noon (for application) and from 4pm till 4:30pm (for collection).

Transit: Overnight service fee is €45 for most nationalities (US and UK pay US$135+). You will need to provide 1 photo, passport and Russian visa are needed. Tel: +8-10-095-924-70-95.

St Petersburg Consulate

Open Monday to Friday 2pm till 3pm only. For express visa: Open Monday to Friday 09:30-10:00 am. Tel: 8-10-812-273-41-64. Transit: US$45 - express for most nationalities. 1 photo, passport, Russian visa and onward ticket are needed.

Visa regulations change frequently and often without warning and opening hours and prices change from time to time.


Although we try to keep these pages as up-to-date as we can we accept no liability for any inaccuracies in the information contained.