Polny Trips


Polny [полный] is a Russian word which means "complete, full, total, entire, overall, absolute". These 'set packages' if you like build on our Osnova (basic itinerary) tours and include more in depth tours at each stop and have the option to use the faster express trains.

You can start our Polny trips in either Beijing, Vladivostok or Moscow.

The tours are available every week and the idea is to have between 2 and 8 people on each trip, giving you some interesting company and fun while on the trains, but maintaining small group sizes so you aren't herded around the sites by your guide.

These tours are a mid-range option, with standard second class (4 berth) trains with the option to upgrade to first class (2 berth) cabins, 3* hotels, car transfers and local, experienced English speaking guides for full city tours and excursions. Most meals are included, except on the train.

As with all our trips, you need to decide in which direction to travel.

Understanding the tour codes:

PO - stands for Polny (as opposed to OS Osnova).
BM - signifies the route (Beijing to Moscow).
4 - the number of stops (Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Irkutsk - Moscow is 4).
G - some times we use a suffix to denote a small variant of a trip (G stands for Gobi for example).

Westbound - Beijing to Moscow

Beijing to Moscow

We have a range of itineraries to look at. They last between 10 days (one stop en route) and 26 days (eight stops).

A very popular option is our Polny BM-4 tour from Beijing to Mocow, with two more stops, in Mongolia and Lake Baikal. This tour is available throughout the year. While during the summer months when it is not -30° in Mongolia we offer a variation of the tour including a few days exploring the Gobi, the Polny BM-4G.

Polny Tour BM-8 is the 'full-monty' tour including tours in Beijing - Ulanbaatar - Ulan Ude - Irkutsk - Krasnoyarsk - Ekaterinburg - Kazan - Moscow. The tour lasts 26 days and includes special attention to Buryat religion in Ulan Ude and Kazan as the capital of Tartarstan. Probably best explored in summer, but also available in winter, with some interesting winter activities.

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Westbound - Vladivostok to Moscow

Vladivostok to Moscow

We have some lovely Polny Tours available from Vladivostok. These trips last between 13 and 18 days and all include tours and stops in different places along the way.

It is no fun to travel straight from Vladivostok to Moscow without at least one stop and so our Polny VM-3 tour includes a break at the half way point to visit magical Lake Baikal, you will be on board the train for a total of 6 nights and have tours in Vladivostok, Lake Baikal / Irkutsk and Moscow.

Next up is our Polny VM-4, which makes an additional tour in Ekaterinburg, which lies on the Asia / Europe border and in the Ural Mountains - Baikal and the Urals make this a perfect tour for nature lovers.

If you have more time then have a look at our 18 day Polny VM-6 tour stopping four times between Vladivostok and Moscow: Ulan Ude for a cultural and religious introduction to the various religions of Asia; Irkutsk and the magic of Listvyanka on the shore of Lake Baikal; Ekaterinburg and a trip into the Ural Mountains; Kazan and the capital of the Tartarstan and a large Central Asian community. We can slot in Krasnoyask to this itinerary if so requested.

These trips do not include popular Mongolia, as this would mean a double-entry Russian visa and retracing your steps from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar and back. This may be possible on one of our custom tours.

An excellent way to start this trip is on the ferry from Japan or Korea to Vladivostok. We can add this journey on to the start of your trip.

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Eastbound - Moscow to Beijing

Moscow to Beijing

We have a range of stops to chose from, again the key is in the number for how many stops you wish to include. The trips last between 13 and 26 days with a range of interesting tours and stops in different places along the way.

Our Polny MB-3U stops in Mongolia for a few days to break the journey between Moscow and Beijing. A similar trip is Polny MB-3I, stopping only in Irkutsk, the mid-way point and includes a trip to magnificent Lake Baikal.

Probably our most popular, Polny MB-4 tour has time at Lake Baikal and on the Mongolian steppe. This is a classic trip and a very popular choice. In the summer Polny MB-4G includes a tour of the Gobi Desert as well.

Polny MB-7 is a full-on 22 day tour stopping frequently between Moscow and Beijing, an extra five times in fact: Kazan; Ekaterinburg and the Ural Mountains; Irkutsk and Lake Baikal; Ulan Ude and Buryat village; Ulanbaatar, the Mongolian Steppe and Hustai National Park!

Have a look on the next page for more details and maps of all these options

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Eastbound - Moscow to Vladivostok

Moscow to Vladivostok

We have some great Polny Tours to choose from which last from 13 to 19 days and are a reverse of the Westbound - Vladivostok to Moscow trips. It all depends where you're coming from and where you want to end up!

You will end up in Vladivostok and then why not take a ferry across to Korea or Japan, what a way to arrive in Asia.

Polny MV-3 travels from Moscow 9,259 kms to the eastern sea port of Vladivostok, with a stop at Lake Baikal in Siberia at the half way point.

Next up, Polny MV-4, builds on the previous itinerary with a stop in Ekaterinburg, which is a day's journey from Moscow and the natural border between Asia/Europe in the Ural Mountains.

You can easily add on other stops, such as Krasnoyarsk or Ulan Ude to this itinerary - if you wish to include all the stops! If the combination of stops is not listed just ask us to prepare it.

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