Six Steps

Follow these six easy steps to your 'trip of a lifetime!'

step one - EXPLORE

Take time to read through the tour options and destination information or download our brochure

step two - DIRECTION

Decide in which direction to travel ... Eastbound (Moscow to Beijing/Vladivstok)? Westbound (Beijing to Moscow)? Up and over and back in a figure of eight. We do have some special circular trips for those of you based in Asia, travel from Beijing to Siberia and come back again..

step three - TOURS

Choose which type of trip you will take ... Basic (Osnova)? Small Group (Polny)? Guided (Eskort)? Grand Trans Siberian (Velikiy)? Then chose the tour depending on how long and which stops you wish to include.

step four - ADD ONS

Book extra accommodation and add-on tours in Beijing, Moscow and St Petersburg. You also need to think about your exit from Russia / Beijing and we can also book this ticket for you.

step five - VISAS

Do we apply for your Chinese, Russian and Mongolian visas or will you obtain these yourself at your local embassy?

step six - BOOK

Complete the booking form and send to us and we will get right back to you with a detailed quote and any suggestions or amendments to your itinerary as well as what to do next.