Trip Types

Our Trans Siberian trips are split into separate sections to make it easier for you to decide which type of tour you wish to book with us, and ultimately in which direction you plan to travel.

Don't be put off or confused by our tour names. Although we are a Western operated company aimed at Western tourists, most of our trips are based in Russia (with a few solely visiting Mongolia or China or to Central Asia). So we have decided to give a Russian Cyrillic word as their title. To teach you a little Russian from the start!

For example, Chastnyy [частный] is a common Russian word which roughly translates as private, personal, or intimate.  Our range of private train tours are a little different to the other tours we offer. You will be part of an organised group and spend the majority of the time sleeping on board a luxury private train and have personalised small group day excursions at a different city each day.  

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Osnova [основа] is a Russian word meaning "basis, base, framework, foundation, ground, or backbone". This defines exactly our Osnova or Basic trips. They are the framework for all our trips, with a range of itineraries along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Osnova Trips are budget friendly and without frills, but with all the essentials for a smooth trip.

We have options that include:
Direct trip between Beijing and Moscow, or Moscow to Beijing.
Stopping in Mongolia only.
Stopping in Mongolia and Lake Baikal.

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Zoloto [золото] tours are on the Russian based Tsars Gold train.  This is a private train running across Russia with various standards.

Tthe main benefit to taking this trip rather than our polny tours, is the privacy of the train, where all the customers will be foreign tourists and you will be comfortable in your own cabin for the entire journey.  The dining car is also an added service, serving a decent menu of local food.  

You will have private tours in each place along the way in small groups.  The tours are run in several languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Prices start at € 3,945 in standard four berth cabin, for a 15 day tour.  For a two berth cabin with private bathroom in Nostalgic class the price is from € 8,280.

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A critical decision you need to make is in which direction to travel. This is often an obvious choice, if you're heading home for instance, but sometimes other factors may influence your decision, such dates of trips or return air fares. Have a look through the different options below.

Travelling from Europe to Asia. Take the train through Eastern Europe, or fly, in to St Petersburg or Moscow. Join the Trans Siberian train in Moscow and travel via the Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal and Mongolia to Beijing. Fly back to Europe from Beijing, or travel further around China and the rest of Asia. Alternatively continue from Lake Baikal to Vladivostok and then a ferry to Japan



Hopefully you now have a good idea of which direction you wish to travel as well as the type of tour you are going to book. The next step is to browse through the different tour options to choose exactly which trip you will take from our set trips.