People Along the Trans-Siberian Railway – August, 1998




19980801_stickman__Ru_ProvenizdaAngry19980801_stickman__Ch_Staff19980801_stickman__Ru_TrackWorkerHappy19980801_stickman__Ru_Beggars19980801_stickman__Ru_LazyCook 19980801_stickman__Ru_WheelWorker19980801_stickman__Ru_feet19980801_stickman__Ru_Repairman19980801_stickman__Mo_Customs19980801_stickman__Ru_ProvenedzaWait19980801_stickman__Ru_RailVendor

All photos taken by Jay Stickman along the Trans-Siberian Railway in August, 1998.

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  1. Antje says:

    Looks like you got a LOT more snow than we did! Yesterday it was already gone by the time we woke up. Today there was a copule cm left and the kids got out to play. I’ll post pictures on my blog later!Enjoy it while it lasts!!

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