Monkey Business as we were originally known was established in 1988 and over the years we have received recognition, reviews, and articles in various print and online literature.  We first had a presence on the www since early 1997, the earliest version saved for posterity on the way back when archive.

With the rise of digital photography there have been some great websites over the years reporting on journeys through Mongolia and Siberia with photos, such as the great collection from Ramdas Iyer. Even some old school photo albums digitalised and stored online.  We have filing cabinets of photos from our research trips dating back to the early 90’s and hope to add these to the online archives.

But now everything is online and everyone has a camera in the pocket, or on their glasses perhaps before long, so the content out there is too hard to catalogue.  We are on pinterest, instagram, flickr, facebook, and on.

Our customers also take plenty of photos and submit them to our galleries, here is an example of an iPhone photo book playing with those phone filters.  A detailed diary about the trip in winter from one of our customers is available on travellerspoint.



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