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Central Vladivostok is a fine City to explore with many imposing and restored buildings, combined with the waterfront facing the Sea of Japan with all it's military and commercial shipping. It is the most unusual of Russian cities, far removed, physically and literally from Moscow.

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Our standard hotel in Vladivostok is the 2* Primorye Hotel, close to the Railway Station and Ferry port.

There are plenty of hotel options in Vladivostok, some of which are detailed below.

Primorye 2* Hotel
Primorye Hotel, Vladivostok

Primorye Hotel Entrance

The Primorye 2* Hotel is close to the Railway Station and Ferry port with views over the harbour.

Reception staff speak some English and the hotel has good standard with renovated rooms and all have private bathroom. Standard rooms also have TV, fridge and phone.

Breakfast is served on the 4th floor.

Hotel Rates

€ 53 - Economy Twin room
€ 97 - Economy Single room
€ 64 - Standard Twin room
€ 125 - Standard Single room

Daily room rate includes VAT and buffet breakfast.

Gavan 3* Hotel
Gavan Hotel, Vladivostok

Gavan Hotel, Vladivostok

The Gavan 3* Hotel is a modern building on the Schota peninsula of Vladivostok and 2kms from the centre of Vladivostok. Bedrooms have International standards with private bathroom, satellite TV, telephone, hairdryer, Internet access and mini-bar. There is also a swimming pool, but not included in the room price. English speaking staff.

Economy and Standard rooms have two single beds, offered as single or twin. Lux-Business rooms have a king-size bed, air conditioning, jacuzzi and living room.

Hotel Rates

€ 85 - Economy Single Room, no breakfast
€ 110 - Standard Single Room

€ 50 - Economy Twin Occupancy, no breakfast
€ 54 - Standard Twin Occupancy
€ 116 - Lux-Business Twin Occupancy

All prices per person, per night and includes Government Tax and breakfast unless stated.

Versailles 3* Hotel
Imposing Versailles Hotel, Vladivostok

Versailles Hotel, Vladivostok

The Versailles 3* Hotel is an imposing building dating from the 20th century and has a prime location right in the centre of Vladivostok close to the train station, main sights and cafes, restaurants. Bedrooms are well renovated, maintain there high ceilings, all with private bathroom, Internet access and the usual services. English speaking staff.

Hotel Rates

€ 140 - Standard Single Room
€ 170 - Standard Double/Twin Occupancy, single occupancy
€ 95 - Standard Double/Twin Room

All prices per person, per night and includes Government Tax and breakfast.

City Tours

There are a number of tours in the centre of Vladivostok that you can book, depending on your interests and how long you have to explore the City.

City Sightseeing - Landmarks and Museums

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, City tour, Entrance Fees, (and car on some trips)
Available all year round

Three Hours

Russian Chinese Market StallMeet guide at hotel mid-morning and tour the city with your insightful and knowledgable local guide, who will explain the history of the City. You will learn about the mysterious Bahai and Djurdjeny and stories of myth, legend and Russian humour! You will visit the Central Square, city quay - Sportivnaya Gavan, Eagle Nest view point, and the 'Millionka' historical part of the city.

You will visit two museums of your choice during the tour of Vladivostok (options are the The 'Regional Museum of Arsenev', 'Fortress of Vladivostok' or the 'Submarine C-56 Museum').

The tour lasts around 3 hours and there are options to have a Walking Tour, or with Driver Assistance - especially useful during winter!

No lunch is scheduled, but your guide can suggest a lunch spot if you wish.

Four Hours

Tzar MemorialThis four hour tour is based on the same itinerary as above, but you will have more time at the sights so your guide can explain in more depth the areas that are of most interest to you.

You will be able to deviate from the main route and see extra memorials and sights that are less well known. You can choose a Walking Tour, or by car - prices vary.

No lunch is scheduled, but your guide can suggest a lunch spot if you wish.

Eight Hours

Inside the famous SubmarineThis is a full day tour, to gain an indepth knowledge of the City and surroundings.

The tour will follow the same itinerary as above, but you will have time to visit all three museums (The 'Regional Museum of Arsenev', 'Fortress of Vladivostok' and the 'Submarine C-56 Museum).

Other than the museums, you will visit the Scott Peninsula viewpoint, the 'Two Bridges' Construction Site, the city market and local shops.

The tour lasts around 8 hours and you will be accompanied by your driver and guide, as this tour includes places on the edge of the City it is not suitable as a walking tour.

Lunch is not included but your guide will suggest a suitable lunch spot as you prefer.

Russki Island - Military Tour of the Island

Price List PopupIncludes: Transfers, Entrance Fee, Guide, Tour, Lunch,
Available all year round, weather permitting

8 Hours

Ekaterinburg ToursA full day tour to the fascinating Russki Island. Your guide will meet you at the hotel for transfer to the the Sea Terminal (not not Morskoy
Vokzal), where you will board the public ferry to Russki Island across the Golden Horn Bay which takes around 1 hour.

You will meet the local guide on the island who will show you military objects found on the island and you will visit the Voroshilov Battery. You will travel by car to different areas of the island. Picnic lunch is included. Return to your hotel in the afternoon.

Boat Cruise - Golden Horn Bay

Price List PopupIncludes: Transfers, Guide, Tour
Available all year round, weather permitting

3 Hours

Ekaterinburg ToursYour guide will meet you at the hotel for transfer to the the Ferry Terminal, where you will have a public boat tour to Russki Island across the Golden Horn Bay and the Amur Golf in the Sea of Japan. You will learn about the history of the region, enjoy the exiliharating sea air. You will spend around 2 hours on board, but do not have the chance to get off at Russki Island.

Home Visit - Day with a Russian Family

Price List PopupIncludes: Transfers, Guide, Lunch
Available all year round, except major holidays

2-3 Hours

Experience typical Russian family life. Your guide will introduce you to a local Vladivostok family who live in the City. You will learn about everyday living, Russian culture, Russian traditions and take lunch with the family, which is normally prepared by the mother of the family.


Outside the City

The Primorsky Region of Vladivostok has some amazing nature, and sparsely populated with mountain ranges and picturesque valleys.

Kravtsovsky Waterfall Tour

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Transfers, Entrance Fees, lunch
Available through every season

6 Hours
Kravtsovka Falls in Winter

Kravtsovka Falls in Winter

You will visit five waterfalls located near Kravtsovka village on the Kravtsovka River, in beautiful countryside and wild Russian Taiga forest.

Meet guide at hotel early morning and transfer to the Kravtsovka region around 2 hours drive.

Kravtsovka Falls are a series of five waterfalls, each different and beautiful their own way, ranging from a few metres to six metres drop and with plunge pools and stepped pools.

Skazka pool (Tail) - Kamennaya Chasha (Stone Cup) - Dikaya past (Wild mouth) - Stypenchatyi (Stepped) - Hrustalnyi (Crystal).

In Winter the river is frozen with amazing frozen ice columns and in Summer you see the cascade of coolness in a forest of green. The area is also beautiful in Autumn when the autumnal colours of the forest are a beautiful backdrop to the waterfalls. In Spring, the falls are at their fastest as the frozen waters thaw.

A picnic style lunch is included.

Siberian Tiger Sanctuary

Price List PopupIncludes: Transfers, Entrance Fee, Guide, Tour, Lunch
Available all year round

11 Hours
Siberian Tiger Sanctuary near Vladivostok

Siberian Tiger in Winter

A full and long day trip as the Gaivorom Tiger Sanctuary is around 4 hours from Vladivostok.

Start early from your hotel with guide and driver. and stop for lunch in a restaurant near Spassk Dalny.

Meet the local expert guide who looks after tiger family and learn about their natural environment and how they are controlled in captivity. You will around one hour at the sanctuary, which keeps and breeds tigers in an environment as close to their natual habitat as possible in large enclosed areas, protected by fences, not cages. There are other animals in the park which are in cages.

Drive back to Vladivostok with a small rest break at Ussuriysk.




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