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The ferry 'Eastern Dream' runs between Vladivostok and Korea / Japan. This is an ideal start to your overland trip home if you have been living or working in Japan or Korea. It's also an option if you are travelling with a motorbike or vehicle, what no train...!

Otherwise you can fly into Vladiovstok via Beijing, Korea or Japan. The train service from Harbin to Vladivostok has been cancelled.


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Sakaiminato <> Donghae <> Vladivostok Ferry

The passenger ferry 'Eastern Dream' makes a trip between Vladivostok (Russia) and Donghae (Korea) then Sakaiminato (Japan) once a week. This is a good standard and reliable service which has been running since July 2009. The ferry has a bar, restaurants and convenience store on board.

The schedule is disrupted every February / March when the ferry spends extended time in Japanese docks for annual maintenance.

We can help arrange these e-tickets for you, please contact us for exact dates and fares. Please note we do not arrange extra booking services such as this unless you also book a Trans Siberian train trip with us as well.

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Ferry Russia / Korea / Japan

Eastern Dream DBS Cruise Ferry

The ferry "Eastern Dream" was built in 1993 and is operated by DBS Cruise Ferry, Seoul.

Vessel length - 140 metres. Width - 20 metres. Full speed - 22 knots. Capacity - 500 passengers, 66 vehicles and 130 containers.

The decks are equipped with comfortable rooms with beds or with mattresses; there is a restaurant, recreation room, game club, shop, night club and sauna.


Ferry Russia / Korea / Japan

FC Class - Twin Cabin

VIP President Suite (PR) - 1 room with 2 passengers, with bed, sofa, tv, refrigerator, ensuite-bathroom.

1st Class Royal Suite (RS) - 1 room with 2 passengers, with 2 beds, ensuite bathroom.
1st Class Junior Suite (JS) - 3 rooms with 2 passengers, double bed, ensuite bathroom.

Family 2nd Class A (FCA) - 2 rooms with 2 passengers, 2 beds, public bathroom.
Family 2nd Class B (FCB) - 16 rooms with 4 passengers, with futons, public bathroom.

Ferry Russia / Korea / Japan

Standard Class - B18

Economy Class 'A' (ECA) - 6 rooms with 4 passengers / 6 rooms with 8 passengers; with futon, public bathroom.
Economy Class 'B' (ECB) - 9 rooms with 8 passengers / 3 rooms with 18 passengers; with big bed, public bathroom.
Economy Class 'C' (ECC) - 4 rooms with 20 passengers / 1 room with 104 passengers; with futons, public bathroom.

All cabins are spread over A B C Deck and all have tv's and either mattresses (futons with bedding and pillows) or single / double beds as indicated. Suites are all on A Deck. Standard Class generally has inside cabin, with no outside window (some SA class are on the outside). Most Family Class and all Suites are on the outside of the ship with windows. The main lobby and reception is on B Deck.

Eastern Dream Schedule 15th March 2015 to 22nd November 2015
Saturday Sakaiminato --- 19:00
Sunday Donghae 09:00 14:00
Monday Vladivostok 15:00 ---
Tuesday Vladivostok --- ---
Wednesday Vladivostok --- 14:00
Thursday Donghae 11:00 18:00
Friday Sakaiminato 09:00 ---

* from Sunday 8th Feb until 15th March 2015 ferry operates on disrupted (maintenance) schedule

* winter schedule is similar, but ferry departs Vladivostok on a Tuesday and stay overnight in Donghae.


Description type Sakaiminato ↔ Donghae Donghae ↔ Vladivostok Vladivostok ↔ Sakaiminato
bed € 1,100 € 1,525 € 2,200
2 beds € 350 € 450 € 650
double bed € 285 € 380 € 530
First Class 2 beds € 175 € 265 € 335
Second Class matress € 150 € 235 € 290
Economy Class matress/bed € 135 € 210 € 260

prices correct as of February 2015.


Meals are not included, but the restaurant is open for set meal times through the day.

Children under 12 have 50% discount and children under 2 travel free.

Customs/ Arrival

You must arrive 2,5 hours in advance to complete, registration, tax, custom and immigration formalities. There can be a 2hr delay on arrival in Vladivostok while waiting for immigration. Registration closes at least 30 minutes before departure. Please note, departure and arrival times are only approximate. Arrive at the port early and do not plan onward travel without allowing for possible delay. Check your ticket for more information.

In Transit

When travelling between Vladivostok and Sakaiminato you will make a stop in Donghae, South Korea, where all passengers must disembark with cabin luggage (not checked in luggage). No Korean visa is required. Passengers have free time on shore before ferry departure. You may wish to visit Donghae and the famous cave. Boarding begins one hour before departure (please check time of departure with ferry staff before getting off for free time on shore)!

Route Map of Eastern Dream Ferry

Sakaiminato is located in Tottori-ken, north-west from Osaka. By train, it takes around 13 hours from Tokyo (including overnight Express train to Yonago and change). Or just 2 hours from Osaka, (shinkansen to Okayama and change to xxx. You can also fly to Yanago from around Japan and also Korea.

Read more about Sakaiminato on the JNTO website.

Donghae is a city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. It is on the east coast and almost directly east of Seoul. By bus it takes around 5 hours to reach Seoul, a cheap and regular service. Donghae is also accessible by train, on the Yeongdong Line.

Read more about travel to Donghae at Korea Wikia






Korea / Japan <> China

There are regular passenger ferries travelling from Korea and Japan to China. See our specific page on China Ferry for more information.

Fushiki (Japan) <> Vladivostok

The 'Rus' Ferry that plied the waters from Fushiki to Vladivostok has reportedly been sold and transferred to the Baltics.

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