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Tours in St. Petersberg

Marlis Travel offers you the following tours around St. Petersburg and to the Summer Palaces in its suburbs. You can book these tours with your local rep on arrival in the City. We also have a range of special tours which you need to pre-book, have a look at this options on the the following page.

Tours in St. Petersberg
Tour Duration
City Tour 3 hours
The Hermitage 3 hours
St. Isaac’s Cathedral 2 hours
Russian Museum 3 hours
Pushkin (Czars' Village) 4 hours
Pavlovsk 5 hours
Pavlovsk and Pushkin 6 hours
Peterhof (Petrodvorets) 6 hours

We arrange both group and individual tours, and it is possible to book any tour that you would like - even if it is not included in the list above.

Mosoow, RussiaThe most popular tour in St. Petersburg is a City Tour. A sightseeing tour either on foot or by car, with a guided account of the history, architecture and life of this beautiful city. You will walk along Nevsky Prospect, see the Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, and other famous landmarks. You will also visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, and if you get there by 12:00 p.m. you will hear the traditional daily cannon-shot. In the Fortress you can visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral – the burial place of all the Russian Emperors from Peter the Great to Nicholas II.

Mosoow, RussiaHave you ever tried backpacking in a forest without a compass? No? It is just impossible, or very hard to find your way... It is almost the same with the Hermitage museum! It is so huge that coming there at the first time you can hardly find your way in the hundreds of passages and suites of rooms. The Hermitage is one of the world largest art museums. It has a collection of 3,000,000 objects exhibited in 4 buildings adjoined. One of the buildings is the Winter Palace - the former Czars’ residence! The Hermitage is the place people say "if you hadn’t been to the Hermitage – you haven’t been to St. Petersburg”. This picture gallery is as famous as Louvre, Prado and National Gallery. Our guide will help you to find the paintings or artifacts that you are interested in, tell you the history of the Hermitage and mysterious stories of the Winter Palace and its former habitants, show you the main highlights of the collection. Actually, the guide is the compass-person, the one who knows everything in this big museum!

Mosoow, RussiaOne of the most exciting tours to the suburbs for winter time is Pushkin and Pavlovsk Tour. The way to Pavlovsk takes about 1 hour. The excursion begins with a walk in the Pavlovsk Park - the former Czarist lands. In winter, the trees are covered with snow, which gives an unforgettable experience of  Russian nature. After the walk you take a tour around Big Pavlovsk Palace (yellow classical building), the former mansion of Catherine the Great’s son Paul. During the tour the guide tells you about the Palace, describes interiors of the rooms and answers your questions. After that you can take a snack at a cafe situated in the wing of the Palace and leave for Pushkin by bus. The way takes about 20 minutes. When you are in Pushkin you get off by another Park, which is absolutely different from Pavlovsk Estate. On your walk to the Catherine Palace (blue and white baroque building) you pass a pond, several canals, and former Czars’ private pavilions. Then the guide gives you an excursion around the magnificent Catherine Palace, former summer residence of Catherine the Great, known to the world with the famous Amber Room and numerous golden chambers.

Mosoow, RussiaThe best tour to the suburbs in summer is to Peterhof. Peterhof is a jewel of the Russian art, a town of parks, palaces and fountains. In the past it used to be an exquisite summer residence of the Russian czars. From the Grand Palace of Peterhof three monumental cascading fountains (one of them comprising the famous Samson) lead to the Lower park, the real masterpiece in itself, with 173 fountains on its grounds. During the tour you’ll walk around the Lower park and see the most impressing fountains and then take a one-hour tour to the Grand Palace. To get to Peterhof you can either take a hydrofoil (30 minutes ride.) or a mini-bus (a cheaper option) – you can discuss the options with your tour guide.