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How much time you spend in Moscow and St. Petersburg is entirely up to you, but from experience we recommend to spend at least 3 days in Moscow and 4 days in St. Petersburg, you could stay much longer if budget is not an issue.

We recommend you include some of the very interesting and specialised tours in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A City Tour is included upon arrival in Moscow on most Packages.

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We offer a range of hotels from 2* to 5* as well as budget hostels. Hotel prices in Moscow are high, reflecting the city's status as one of the most expensive in the world to visit. We continually seek out the best value hotels we can find in Russia’s capital.

We use the following hotels in Moscow for our set trips. This ensures that 'groups' end up at the same hotel and makes it easy for City tours and so on.

BASIC TOURS - Bulgakov (HFH) Mini Hotel
DEAL TOURS - Arbat House Melody 3* Hotel
ESCORTED TOURS - Hilton 5* Hotel

If you wish to book another of our hotels in Moscow during extended stays, we will adjust the tour price to reflect the hotels price difference. However, please note this may alter included transfers and tours.

Price List PopupMoscow Bulgakov (HFH) Mini Hotel
Home from Home Hostel, Moscow

Bulgakov Hotel Common Area

Bulgakov (HFH) Mini hotel is located in the historical center, in the most famous street of Moscow - Old Arbat.

2 minutes from the metro station, and very close to the Kremlin, Red square, etc. All rooms are twin-bedded with en-suite facilities.

€ 45 - Twin bed room, per person
€ 90 - Twin bed room for one person

Price List PopupArbat House (Melody) 3* Hotel
Moscow Arbat House 3* Hotel

Arbat House Hotel, Standard Double

The Arbat House (Melody) 3* Hotel is in an ideal location near New Arbat street in the centre of Moscow and just 700 metres from the nearest metro station. The hotel was fully renovated in 2007 and in 2012 is being rebranded (no longer Melody Hotel). Hotel prices in central Moscow are notoriously high so this hotel offers comparative value for money. A nice breakfast with hot/cold choices and fresh fruit is included. Reception staff speak English and are friendly.

Hotel Rates

Prices start at € 85, but room rates are banded depending on season.

All prices per person, and includes breakfast.

Price List PopupMaxima Panorama 3* Hotel
Zarya Hotel, Moscow, twin bedroom

Maxima Hotel Standard

The Maxima Hotel Group operate a few hotels in Moscow, the Panorama Hotel is a modern business style hotel with excellent facilties.

The hotel is basicallu above the metro and a few stops on a direct line to the centre of Moscow.

Hotel Rates

€ 100 - Standard Single Room
€ 65 - Standard Double/Twin Occupancy

All prices per person, per night and includes buffet breakfast, prices are seasonal.

Price List PopupHilton 5* Leningradskaya Hotel
Hilton Hotel, Seven Sisters

Hilton Hotel 'Seven Sisters'

The Hilton Hotel is a luxurious hotel and built in the smallest of Stalin's famous 'Seven Sisters', a spectacular building skyscrapers built in the early 1950s in the Stalinist neoclassical style. Renovated as a hotel in 2008.

The hotel is on the 'Garden Ring' and next to three railway stations, including the gateway for the Trans-Siberian - Yarolavsky Station. and a short walk from the city’s Leningradskiy Railway Station.

The hotel has all the standards and facilities expected in an International Hotel chain, but recreating a certain characteristic in it's Russian public areas.

Hotel Rates

Prices from € 120, but are seasonal so please refer to the full Price List

All prices per person, per night and includes buffet breakfast.

City Tours

Our local partners in Moscow have constructed a range of short tours. You should pre-book these tours with the rest of your itinerary to ensure availability of your guide and entrance tickets. Simply add the code of the tour onto your booking form.

City Sightseeing - 3 Hour Introductory Tour

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide
Available all year round

3 Hours, incl travel time from meeting place.

Does not include transport costs.

Included in Most Trips

The building, streets and boulevards of Moscow will come alive in your Orientation Tour. We will tell you stories, tales and legends you will not find in traditional guide-books or hear on coach tours. Do you know that the first department store in Moscow was founded by two Scots? Do you know how Lenin’s body is preserved? And why there was a saying in the Soviet time «to be in prison under the flower bed»? Which flower bed? Is that the one outside the former KGB headquarters?

Come on Moscow Walks! You will hear answers to all these questions and many others. We promise interesting, entertaining tours by our team of local Moscovites; experienced guides who all speak excellent English. These tours take are guaranteed to run, come rain, shine or snow.

All our guides have their own itineraries but you will visit the main places, and will normally include the following sites – the actual route will depend on your choice, and the guide’s!

City centre: Boulevard Ring, backstreets of Moscow centre, Puskinskaya square, Tverskaya street and it’s important buildings, Manezhnaya square, Marshal Zhukov monument, Aleksandrovsky Gardens, Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral (without inside visit), GUM (the main department store), Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (without inside visit), Zamoskvorechie Region, Lubyanka (former KGB building),  Teatralnya square, Arbat Street.

City Sightseeing - Kremlin Tour

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fee
Available all year round, except Thursdays

3 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

Highly Recommended

Tour to the Mosoow Kremlin, RussiaThe Kremlin has been the true heart of Russia through six centuries from the early Tsars to Communism and beyond. You'll see the majestic ensemble of Cathedral Square and its well-known cathedrals, enter the Assumption Cathedral, the Archangel and Annunciation Cathedral (the private chapel of the Tsars), the Church of 'Laying Our Lady’s Holy Robe' and the Patriarch’s Palace. Inside, these cathedrals are decorated with stunning 15th and 16th century frescoes and icons. You will see the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon, famous masterpieces of Russian casting. You can see the building of the Arsenal, the eminent architectural monument of Moscow of Peter the Great's epoch, and the Senate – one of the best creations by the famous Russian architect Matvei Kazakov.  The ensemble of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the residence of Russian emperors of the XIXth century, is situated on Palace Square.

City Sightseeing - Kremlin Tour & Armoury

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round, except Thursdays

4 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

Highly Recommended - Russia’s oldest museum

The Armoury Tour in Moscow's Kremlin The Armoury is home to art from the 12th to the 21st centuries including the royal crowns and regalia, ceremonial tsar's dress, church hierarchs' vestments, gold and silverware by Russian, European and Eastern masters, arms and armouries and royal carriages, the thrones of the Tsars including the oldest of Ivan the Terrible, ambassadorial gifts from all over the world and jewelry including the famous Faberge Easter Eggs.

A world-wide known treasure, the exhibits are of special interest because of precious materials and high artistic levels.

Novodevitchy Convent

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round, except Tuesday

3 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

The KremlinOf all the convents and cemeteries this is the one to see.

Inside is the magnificent Smolensky Cathedral and bell tower as well as a host of often turbulent history. The cemetery contains beautiful monuments for the host of distinguished inhabitants!

The Novodevichy Convent was founded in 1525 by Grand Duke Vassily Ш to celebrate the re-integration of the old city of Smolensk to the Russian State. In the subsejuent centuries the Convent and in particular the magnificent Smolensky Cathedral and bell tower was a witness to a host of often turbulent historic events. You will hear tales from the likes of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Peter the Great and Princess Sofia.
Boris Godunov was proclaimed tzar in 1598 here. You will admire old Russian architecture and the Moscow baroque style with inimitable beauty. In 1689 Peter the Great imprisoned his sister Princess Sofia in this Convent, who died here in 1704, her tomb is inside the main the Smolensky Cathedral, as well as the tomb of the first wife of Peter the Great, tzarina Yevdokiya Lopukhina.

Tretyakov Galery

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round, except Monday

3 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

The State Tretyakov Gallery is the national treasury of Russian fine arts and one of the greatest museums in the world. It is located in one of the oldest districts of Moscow — Zamoskvorechye, not far from the Kremlin. The Gallery’s collection consists entirely of Russian art and works of artists who have made significant contribution to the history of Russian art. The Gallery’s collection contains more than 130,000 works of painting, sculpture and graphics, created throughout the centuries by successive generations of Russian artists. Two separate buildings at different locations — at Lavrushinskiy Pereulok, and at Krymskiy Val, — house the works of artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Chagall, Kazimir Malevich (the painter of the "Black Square") and more.

The Vodka Museum

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round, except Thursday

3 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

Russian Vodka Museum in MoscowThis infamous drink originated from Moscow in the 15th Century. You will learn about the history of the drink and also get an opportunity to taste test (price paid locally). The price includes an English-speaking guide and admission fee but not transport to the Museum (done by public transport with the guide). The tours lasts approximately one hour.

Russian Language Lesson

Price List PopupIncludes: Instructor, snacks
Available all year round, except Saturday, Sunday

3 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

Beginners Russian Lesson in MoscowBeginners Russian lessons. You will be taken to the office of our local partners and will learn useful words and phrases to help you gain an insight into the Russian way of life. Of course, you can also ask the teacher any questions you have about Russian culture and daily life. Tea or coffee break and snacks provided to keep you going!

Stalin's Bunker

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round

3,5 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

Moscow, RussiaStalin’s underground war Bunker is located in Izmailovo. In the 1930's a whole underground town was built in secret under the guise of an huge sports stadium and was used by Stalin, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, as an emergency command centre during World War II where 2,000 worked during the War. Here you will see the session Hall of the Supreme command chief of the Red Army, Stalin's work cabine as well as some of Stalin's personal belongings and items connected with the war including the complete collection of Stalin’s orders and awards, pictures of the military period and a history of the Bunker as a unique military construction.

Cold War Museum

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round

3 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

This is an unforgettable tour through the secret tunnels and halls of SCP «Taganskiy».
You will listen to the history of SCP «Taganskiy» and it’s importance during the Cold War and you will receive the answers to all your questions. You will learn about the construction of the secured post, about it's life and function during those tough days and was a captivating movie about the Cold War.

Moskva River Boat Trip

Price List PopupIncludes: Guide, Admission Fees
Available all year round

2,5 Hours, incl travel time

Does not include transport costs.

Mosoow, RussiaYou will enjoy the most famous and historic sights of Moscow and see the City from a different angle, while discovering an area of beautiful Merchant’s Churches. Listen to the tragic story of the Sisterhood of SS Martha & Mary, and its founder, Princess Elizabeth, the sister-in-law of the last Tsar. You will also learn about the importance of the waterways of Russia during the centuries and how they connected many of the Kremlin's of the Golden Ring cities and North to St Petersburg.




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