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Moscow Overview

We can book a range of accommodation in Moscow at the start or end of your trans-siberian trip. We also have a local office for assistance while you are in Moscow to help book theatre tickets or sightseing tours.


Moscow is to Russia what London is to the UK, just even more so. It is not just the capital but a city that politically and economically dominates Russia to such a degree that to Muscovites little else in Russia matters and to those who don’t live there appears almost as an inaccessible myth – a place they might hope to visit one day. Moscow combines all that is good and bad in Russia in extreme doses. Some love it, some hate it but one thing all agree on is that it is definitely not boring! And it's not cheap, voted as the world's most expensive city

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Russia Fact File

Area: 17,075,400 square kilometres
Population: 143,500,000 (2005)
Capital City: Moscow
People: 81.5% Russians, Tatars 3.8%, Ukrainian 3% (more than 100 nationalities in all)
Languages: Russian, other.
Religion(s): Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist.
Currency: 1 Rouble = 100 Kopeks

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How much time you spend in Moscow and St. Petersburg is entirely up to you, but from experience we recommend to spend at least 3 days in Moscow and 4 days in St. Petersburg. This would give you just enough time to do justice to some of the many things to see and do in these places. However, many of our travellers regret, after going there, that they did not plan a longer stay, but by then it's too late as the Russian visa comes with a fixed departure date.


Full Accommodation List

We offer a range of hotels from 2* to 5* as well as homestays. Hotel prices in Moscow are high reflecting the city’s status as one of the most expensive in the world to visit. We continually seek out the best value hotels we can find in Russia’s Capital.

We can also arrange Homestays for you which is a great way to learn more about the city and the way of life there. Homestay prices include a transfer by public transport and the expensive visa registration which differs from the registration procedure at hotels. All the families we use have been known to us for some time and all apartments are within walking distance of Moscow’s impressive Metro system.

Guided Tours

Our partners have offices in both cities, convenient to hire a guide, or in case you need assistance.
We recommend you join the very interesting Moscow walking Tours organized by our long time partners at Marlis Travel! We don’t pre-book these tours but Marlis will offer these to you on arrival in Moscow or St Petersburg. Details can also be found in our info pack we give you once you have booked with us.

Further Info

We will be adding further information about Moscow, including Cyrillic translations, maps and more. Once you have booked we give you a comprehensive travel pack with lots more information.