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Goldon Ring Overview

The Golden Ring around Moscow consists of several historical towns, all well worth a visit. Velikiy Novgorod - Suzdal and Vladimir are praised in every guide book. We offer the best of what the Golden Ring has to offer in a range of add-on modules which can start in either Moscow or St Petersburg and which go between Moscow and St Petersburg.

We can also book the direct train from Moscow to St Petersburg if you do not have an interest in the other Cities.

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Vladimir, by nightVladimir holds the key to the best of Russian creativity, with its world reknown stone architecture and awe-inspiring performances. Today the city provides an atmosphere that nurtures spiritual values that underlies the work of recognized creative collections, artists, musicians, and writers. From the beautiful carvings and paintings of the Assumption Cathedral, to the grandeur of the Golden Gates, Vladimir offers a spectacular view of a history rich in culture and traditions.


Suzdal Kremlin, Russia in winterSuzdal has a population of only 12,000 but ample evidence of it's past importance can be seen in the sheer number of churches and monasteries which appear at almost every turn and view in this walkable town. As Suzdal is federally protected development has been limited and the town has none of the Soviet sprawl of ugly apartment blocks and the lack of any rundown industry so common to almost every other Russian town you come across means the air is clean and the waters of the meandering Kamenka river clear.
There's a lot of green space in Suzdal and in summer the meadows are lush and full of flowers. For those who make it in winter the sight of countless onion domes drapped in snow is well worth the cold temperatures.
The majority of houses off Suzdal's main street, Ul Lenina, are constructed of wood in the traditional Siberian style that you may have seen in Irkutsk in particular. Navigation around suzdal is easy and most sights can be visted by foot – one way or another everything is off Ul Lenina with the town's focal point being the trading arcades where banks and restaurants can be found.

You will have a guided tour which gives a good introduction to the town. After that enjoy wandering around yourself. It's a challenge to get lost and fairytale views are around  almost every corner.

Velikiy Novgorod

Velikey Novgorod Kremlin, Russia in winterVelikiy Novgorod (Cyrillic: Вели́кий Но́вгород) situated on the main route from Moscow to St Petersburg and so makes a convenient stopover.
It is the oldest city in Slavic Russia dating from 859 (despite that Novgorod literally means “new city”) and became the second most important city after Kiev. According to a custom, the elder son and heir of the ruling Kievan monarch was sent to rule Novgorod even as a minor. Of all their princes, Novgorodians cherished most the memory of Yaroslav the Wise, who promulgated their first written code of laws (later incorporated into Russkaya Pravda) and sponsored construction of the great St Sophia Cathedral, standing to this day and the highlight of any visit to the city. As a sign of gratitude for helping him to defeat his elder brother and obtain the Kievan throne, Yaroslav conferred numerous privileges on the city.