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China Overview

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We have offices in both Hong Kong and Beijing and are happy to point you in the right direction during your visit.

You may need to book some things in advance such as hotels, onward tickets, we should be able to help you arrange all of this.

In fact it is recommended as domestic train tickets within China need to be booked in advance throughout the year. If you wait until you arrive in China you will find that most ticket classes are sold out up to 14 days in advance and only slow trains are left, with basic and uncomfortable seats unsuitable except for the hardiest of traveller.

We also have resources and some great contacts for your travels in other parts of China.


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Fact File

Area: 9,956,960 sq km (3.7m sq mi)
Population: 1.32 bn
Capital City: Beijing
People: Han Chinese make up around 92 percent of the population. The remaining 8 percent is comprised of 55 minority ethnic groups.
Official Language: Mandarin (Putonghua) with many local dialects.
Religion(s): China is officially atheistic, but there are five State-Registered Religions: Daoism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholic and Protestant Christianity.
Currency: Yuan or Renminbi (RMB)


China BeijingTransfer upon arrival can be booked, but is not necessary at all, as it is very easy to take a metered taxi these days and pay much less. Having your bed in Beijing booked before arrival is recommended! We can book these Hotels or Hostels for you.

Hong Kong

Golden Ring Tours between Moscow and St PetersburgOur main office is situated in Hong Kong, you may wish to visit this office for help with visas, booking and so on. We also book train tickets from Hong Kong to China and can assist with the Chinese visa application.



Bright Lights, Big City, 24 hour buzz, starting to feel very like Hong Kong. We have some basic information about Shanghai as many people from Japan arrive here on the popular Osaka-Shanghai ferry.


See this page about taking the ferry from Japan or Korea to China.

Other Trips Around China

We offer a small selection of tours around China, especially designed for those customers travelling from Russia to China.