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We have a lot of JET's and other English Teachers from Japan and Korea travel with us. Think about a ferry trip from Japan or Korea to kick off a Trans-Siberian rail adventure.


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Japan <> China

The journey only takes two days and is quite a relaxing way to arrive in China. There are a number of ferry companies and different routes available. The cheapest tickets (on Tatami mats) go for around ¥20,000 Yen.

Osaka / Kobe to Shanghai.
Kobe to Tanggu Ferry Port near Tianjin.
Shimonoseki (West Honshu) to Qingdao.

Check out Seajapan for useful information on International ferries to China and travel information to Japan in general.

Korea <> China

Visit Korea has a wealth of ferry information on the ferries to China.

There is a route from Incheon to Weihao/Qingdao, which runs three times a week. There is also a route from Incheon to Tianjin Tanggu. Actually Tanggu isn't that close to Tianjin and if you arrive out of hours it can be troublesome to continue on to Beijing. At other times there is an express train from Tanggu or Tianjin to Beijing. Qingdao is probably the nicest place to arrive in China, unless you want to make a quicl connection to Beijing.

Tanggu > Incheon

Here is the itinerary for a trip from Beijing to Seoul by ferry, operated by Nagatsugawa International Passenger & Cargo Ferry. Tanggu ferry port is 50km east of Tianjin and 160km from Beijing. You are expected to be at the ferry port 2-3 hours before departure, the first express train from Beijing south arrives at 8:15am. There are 9 express trains daily from Beijing South station. On arrival in Tanggu, bus 102 runs from Tanggu train station to the ferry terminal, journey time 50 minutes.

€ 20 - Express train from Beijing to Tanggu
C2272 - Depart Beijing South (北京南) at 07:20. Arrive Tanggu (塘沽) at 08:15
C2273 - Depart Beijing South (北京南) at 08:05. Arrive Tanggu (塘沽) at 09:02

€ 140 - Jinchon Ferry, economy class inc. departure tax
Depart Tangguu at 11:00 (THU/SUN only)
Arrive Incheon at 14:00 next day

Trains link Incheon and Seoul frequently, 39 km, journey time 58 minutes.

Coming back from Incheon (Seoul) to Tanggu (Tianjin) the ferry departs on Tuesday at 12:00 and Friday at 19:00, arriving the next day at 14:00 and 20:00, respectively.

Find more information about the ferry (Korean/Chinese only) at http://www.jinchon.cn/

*prices and schedule as of May 2012.


You can also travel from Japan and Korea to Vladivostok to start your transsiberian trip. We have information on that option as well. See our specific Vladivstok Ferry page.