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For those of you with less time on your hands, here are some extracts from the many emails we receive ...

Hallo Matt
I am back in China.
It was a great journey.
Thanks a lot for the perfect Organisation.
Best regards
Susanne Klose

Susanne Klose, June 2016

Tour Guide Baska is excellent and all the arrangement are
fantastic. I cannot wait for the next stop

Debbie Ahokas, June 2016

Thanks for the excellent organization of this trip - there has not been a single breakdown. All trains, transfers, hotels, the guides, have worked perfectly and were on time and in any manner in order.
The trip was in my - in our view - a complete success

Reinhold Friedrich, June 2016

I cant begin to tell you how wonderful our experience was in Siberia.  The entire trip fit together seamlessly and without a hitch of any kind. What can I say .... everything was perfect. ★★★★★

Bonnie Hofkin, May 2016

The Polny was a perfect package for us - a perfect balance of hand-holding and independent travel. The guides really helped us to learn so much more about the country and each place than we would have done if we had just been on our own.

Hannah Bedard, Oct 2014

The atmosphere in Kashgar is quite different from anywhere else we’ve been in China - the people, the buildings, the food, the smells, all fascinating.

I stayed behind on the second day with the shepherd’s family which I loved.. had terrific meals with them. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Clare Whately, Sep 2014

So far so good on the trip! Thank you so much for your help throughout the last few months, you’ve been a huge help with our production!

Tom Cross, Sep 2014

I like quite much that they were not pressing but open to discuss the political situation – for me, that was also a very different insight than what you get in the media in Germany.

Katja Breitinger, Sep 2014

Arrangements in UB were great and we had a terrific time there.

Sasha's was a great guest house and we enjoyed a pleasant day cycling by the lake.

Andrew Master, July 2014

Awesome Andy, Just Awesome!
I will definitely recommend the experience to anyone and all!!

Monkeyshrine did an excellent job of keeping on top of things each step of the way.

Aaron Vessup, June 2014

Hustai National Park was great, the wild goat was a rare sight.

Minsk - In the two days I was here I managed to visit most of the major museums and galleries. The city itself is pleasant. Brest - I enjoyed Brest and the snippets of history that went down here.

Ryan Boucher, May 2014

In general, we had very knowledgeable and interesting tour guide. I was most impressed with Ludmila from St Petersburg for her depth of knowledge with Hemitage and passion for arts.

April Li, Oct 2013

We got on well with all the guides, and very much enjoyed our time with them. The tours with them were opportunities to talk about life generally, as much as viewing the sights. The visits to Elstei and Lake Baikal were both memorable, and all in all it was the trip of a lifetime.

William & Akiko, Sep 2013

Our Tranzib trip last April was brilliant! You have great meters and greeters too.

Ulan Bator and the Ger Camp was most enjoyable and our guide Odka was a bundle.

All in all a wonderful experience for which we thank you.

Kingsley Brown, April 2013

May I congratulate you and the agency for the professionalism. I really appreciated receiving the 
guide book and the individual program with all the telephone numbers and names of persons to be contacted in case of emergency.

Claire VDG, Nov 2013

It is all fantastic.. especially this time of the year.. train journey has been fantastic.. a real experience..

Elisabeth Snowsill, Jan 2012

We had a fabulous time, and all your people on the ground were unfailingly hospitable and helpful.

Katharine Myres,
Jan 2012

I will happily recommend you guys to anyone planning to do the trans-siberian trip

Damien Foley, Dec 2011

Just tonight I was animatedly describing our Mongolian experience as the most intriguing of our trip.

Terrie Autrey, Dec 2011

enjoy those beautifull landscapes and the lovely company of Nadia, Baska, Judy and those who helped us to had such a wonderfull experience.

Alejandro Redaelli, Dec 2011

The Lake Baikal homestay and Circumbaikal RR were wonderful, as was the guide, Lena

Don McNab, August 2011

Thank you for everything, your customer support was always on the ball, the guide in Ulaan Bataar was very helpful.

Pen Pickersgill, July 2011

The Lystvianka sidetrip was really nice, especially thehostel very friendly. I will like to go there one day again. Lake Baikal is really nice.

Stefan Piel, June 2011

The guided tour provided in Moscow was first class, our guide was fantastic, superb English, really knowledgable and kept things really interesting

Hannah Rosborough, April 2011

I enjoyed the trip very much, overall. Everybody should do that once in their life! The trains I took were very comfortable and clean! I was really impressed by that.

Thanks again for your help organising the trip!

Tihana Majcen, November 2010

We had a fabulous day today, our home stay lunch was fantastic. Both our guide Karine and also our host Lena were fabulous, we really enjoyed it and it was quite a highlight to 'mix with the locals'

Lena was genuinely happy to have us there

Tanya Stacey, August 2010

IT’S BRILLIANT. Rode on the plains [Mongolia Open Steppe] today and it was AWESOME! 

We are SO glad to be returning home this way, it really has made a difference to the end of our Chinese 2 years

The Stockwell's, August 2010

.. our guide Khirlie was wonderful. This part of the trip [in the Gobi Desert] was one of our favourites, and the experience was wonderful.

Many Thanks for making this a memorable trip.

Matt Caldwell, August 2010

Oh my goodness we just LOVED the train journey and really enjoyed the folk in our group. The guides were fabulous, each of them very different, offering an interesting mix of personalities to each tour. We loved the fact the tours were walking tours.

Glenda Hinkley, May 2010

.. we had a terrific trip and would do it all over again tomorrow! Everything was organised perfectly and the quality of the guides in Irkutsk and UB were terrific!

Roger Macmorran, Sep 2009


EVERYTHING far exceeded our expectations..Really, I could not suggest one thing as an improvement to your program. THANKS so much for making such a fantastic trip possible for us.

Jeanne Schlarbaum and Sherri Staton, June 2009.

It was a great 'experience' and we would very definately recommend your company, thank you for everything.

Joan Stothard, May 2008

As a solo female traveller the excellent organisation of Monkey Business and your associates in Mongolia and Russia was very reassuring and made the trip particularly stress free... thank you for enabling me to have the trip of a lifetime

Helen Tuxford, September 2007

Our three kids aged 4, 7 and 9 had a fantastic time from start to finish: they loved being on the train, even for 77 hours, making great friends with the other Monkey Business travellers.

Rachel Pritchard, August 2007

It was a trouble free trip and a truly memorable experience. The contacts at each leg of the journey were really professional, informative, and friendly

Paul Carrington, September 2007

We were very glad we had the time to spend a few nights on Olkhon Island - what a stunning place!

Shivanthi Kandiah-Evans, September 2007

The trip was an amazing experience, and everything went very smoothly.  The local guides in each place were friendly and knowledgable, and really added to our appreciation of the various places.  The infopack was extremely useful, so much better than the Lonely Planet

Keith Moynes, August 2007

It was a grand experience and your arrangements were spot on. The food everywhere far exceeded reasonable expectations and accommodations were good

Jack Garrett, August 2007

Just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic trip ...  The accommodation, guides, and activities super exceeded our expectations and we had a really unforgettable experience. Everything was extremely well organised.  Thanks again for all your help with our trip!

Lara Naqushbandi, May 2007

All our connections worked perfectly and the time spent in Russia was fantastic. Thanks for all your help, we will be glad to pass on your details to fellow travellers.

Paul Harper, March 2007

St.Pete's - the Engecon Hostel is more like a hotel than a hostel, it is brilliant ... Irkutsk - loved the place. The hiking was wonderful, the guide (Svetlana) was a gem - full of enthusiasm and kindness, loved the place. Vladivostok. - homestay was the best food / hospitality we encountered.

Andrew Primrose, September 2006

We have been travelling with Monkeybusiness in 1992, long time ago. Our memories are still alive and we always give away your address to friends. Now our Monkey-t-shirts are very old and we will have to throw them away. Is there a possibility to get new ones?

Hilde Schuler, September 2006 / 1992

It was a wonderfull trip we'll never forget! We are more than very happy with your services, personally I think is second to none! I would definitly recomend you! Thank you again for everything! ... as we say here = muchas gracias amigo

Felipe Lopez Dugarry, September 2006

Your handbook is GREAT and we really had time to read it when we were finally on the train ... I must say Monkey is a bold name for an agency that travellers have to depend on every step of the Trans Sib. But ... according to the Hindu mythology Monkey is a symbol of dependability.

Michelle Noullet, Sundar Venkatesh, August 2006


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