Look after your luggage at all times, especially during the rush upon arrival!

The cabins on the train can be locked from the inside with the extra security clip on the left, but a triangular standard key can open the door and the clip can be lifted with a knife from the outside.

You can easily prevent this by stuffing the hole of the clip with carton or by taping over it. Make sure your window is closed during stops. Some thieves serve themselves while you stretch your legs. Never wire the door closed!

Do ensure you don't miss the train, follow these tips: safety trans siberian image

  • Double check stopover times with your provodnitsa / provodnik (Russian female / male) or fuwuyuan (Chinese).
  • Never leave the train without passport and money, in case you miss the Tranzip!
  • In Russia, Moscow time is used. This is 5 hours less than Beijing time.
  • Summer time reduces the difference to 4 hours.
  • Going through all the different time zones is confusing, but part of the fun.
  • Keep track of ‘real time’ arrivals, as the train can run behind schedule - mostly due to the border checks.

See FAQ 5 - Is it safe for a lone female traveller?

In short yes, we believe it is safe. We have many single young women taking the trip throughout the year (In 2005, 46% of our travellers were female!). In reality you are never on your own as there is always a fair number of other travellers on the train. The trains used to have a bad reputation back in the early 90s and this is hard to shed. In reality it is rare that we have anyone telling us that they found safety an issue. There are two conductors to each carriage who are responsible for the well being of the passengers. If you are taking the stopovers en route then you have a local guide (almost always female) who will look after you and have a local office in each destination with emergency contact details. ^