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2015 NEWS

SEASONS GREETINGS filed 24th December 2015

✔ As our sales team take a few days off for the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we would like to wish all our customers past and potential, as well as our friends and colleagues around the world a joyous winter holiday and hope you (will) all have happy memories of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Look for our new tour itineraries on our website in the early new year.

ASEM 11 and NAADAM filed 22nd October 2015

✔ Mongolia will host the 11th ASEM Summit of Heads of State and Government (ASEM11) in 2016 in Ulaanbaatar from 14th - 18th July) and during this time hotels in Ulaanbaatar will be unavailable to general tourists. The government may cancel the confirmed bookings of hotel rooms, which have been already booked by tourists in advance. But don't worry as you can stay at our comfortable ger lodge outside the city during Naadam and there will be a special Naadam programme with transfers to the various events. Read more on our Naadam pages.


✔ In 2014 the Mongolian government relaxed the visa regime and most European nationals currently do not require a tourist visa. However this rule is only valid until December 31st 2015 and the continuation of the ability to travel without visa' for 2016 is not yet known. We advise you to double check with your local consulate and hopefully when enough people keep asking, they will simply roll over the visa rules indefinitely. See more on our visa page.

SET DATE WINTER OPTIONS filed 30th September 2015

✔ We have some special trips to offer during this winter, with a winter snow trip flying into Irkutsk to visit Baikal. As well as an Epiphany special tour in January 2015. Have a look at our excellent tour options for trips departing on September 27th 2014 on our specials page.


✔ Chinese Railways currentrly operate train #23 service Beijing — Ulaanbaatar until end of May 2016, with departure on a Tuesday. As usual, Mongolian Railways will then take over the route for the following year, with departure expected on a Saturday.

Timetable Summary:
† From October until end May 2016 depart Beijing on Tuesday only.
† From June 2016 until May 2017 expected departure from Beijing on a Saturday.
† During July, August and September 2016 depart from Beijing on a Tuesday and Saturday

† Depart Ulaanbaataar throughout the year on a Thursday.
† From July to September 2016 depart Ulaanbaatar on a Thursday and Friday.


✔ The list of nationalities that can travel to Mongolia without applying for a visa in advance has increased massively. It is now a case of who does need a visa, rather than who doesn't! On 19th June 2014 the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ratified a new visa regime adding 42 more countries to the 'travel without visa' list. Included in the visa free list is most of Europe including Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, etc. Notably nationals from Australia, China, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan still need to apply for the visa in advance. See the full details on our visa section

SET DATE SUMMER TOURS filed 13th January 2015

✔ We have always offered small group tours, but this year we will be advertising some special tours with fixed dates. They will follow a slightly different itinerary and have some special additions, like special interest side tours, or escorted with a local guide.

We are in the process of setting the itinerary now, but the first trip is scheduled to run in early June from Vladivostok

Have a look at our our specials page.

WARM WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR filed 7th January 2015

✔ We would like to take this opportunity as Christmas falls across Orthodox Russia to wish you all a wonderful year ahead with some fun travels ahead.

Andre and staff