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2011 NEWS



The Mongolian Embassy has opened a visa issuing office (semi-consulate) in Hong Kong attached to the Mongolian Airlines office. However, visas are only issued to residents of Hong Kong with a HK ID Card. Read more under our visa section.


China - Mongolia Train Timetable filed 21st March 2011

We have an update to the summer train schedule from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar. Train #23M will depart Beijing each Saturday until 28th May 2011, operated by Mongolian Railways. Chinese Railways will then take over control of the route for one year, with train #23C departing Beijing on a Tuesday, commencing 7th June 2011. Train #24 from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing will depart as normal on a Thursday throughout the year.

Mongolian Railways may run an extra train service during the summer, perhaps on a Saturday, or a Monday from Beijing, probably starting from the middle of June - yet to be confirmed.


Russian Consulate in Hong Kong filed 28th February 2011

As of February 2011, The Russian Embassy in Hong Kong has changed their visa processing requirements to match those in other Russian Embassies around the world - some nationalities now need to show an HK ID card, or to have been in Hong Kong for at least 30 days in order to apply for the visa. They have also withdrawn the express visa service. Read more under our visa section.

2011 Season filed 1st February 2011

Chinese New Year of the RabbitAs life returns to normal as the Western Christmas and New Year come to an end, while Orthodox Christmas being celebrated as this goes to press, we are now busy updating our tours for the 2011 Season. Most tours, hotels and prices have been negotiated and tour dates and itineraries set. There is one last work trip to St Petersburg to check out some new hotels there, scheduled for January, and then everything will be all ready. Our website and brochure is being updated with all out latest offerings and will be finalised before the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, celebrated in Asia on February 3rd 2011.

We wish you a happy 2011 and hope you enjoy your trip with us on the Trans-Siberian this year!