2009 NEWS


Mongolian Embassy

The Mongolian Embassy in Beijing now process visa applications overnight. Apply day 1 before 11am and pick up your passport the following day between 4-5pm. filed 2nd March 2009

Summer Timetable

We are still waiting on mongolian Railways to announce the 2009 summer season time table. We are expecting train #23 to depart from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar on Tuesday at 07:45. Stay tuned. filed 2nd March 2009

The China Travel Company

Our former and long time Monkey Chris can help you with all your travel questions for China, see the impressive website at: www.thechinatravelcompany.com updated 2nd March 2009

Beijing Hikers

When in Beijing make sure you check out Beijing Hikers. Beijing Hikers practices eco-friendly tourism, using the "take only photographs, leave only footprints" approach to hiking, and employing local guides to assist them,
aiming to have a positive effect in the areas that they hike in. Check them out at: www.beijinghikers.com/ updated 2nd March 2009

New Staff

There are 2 new monkeys in the Beijing office, having joined the team in 2008. updated 2nd March 2009

2009 Brochure

The 2009 brochure is fully updated and available for everyone to check out. Also check out all our Deals for 2009, continuing on from the popularity of our Anniversary Deals in 2008. updated 2nd March 2009

Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Ox! updated March 2009

Mongolian Train Upgrades

Mongolian Railways have introduced brand new trains on the Beijng Ulaanbator service. Indulge yourself with a first class 2-berth upgrade on this overnight section. updated 2nd March 2009


Russian Railways

Russian Railways increased train ticket prices considerably across the board. All our prices have been updated for the 2009 season and can be found elsewhere on the website. updated 12th January 2009