2008 News

Mongolian Winter

Tavan Dohio camp in the Gobi closes on 15th October and camel treks are not available after 1st October. From 1st October Elstei Ger camp will operate in 'winter mode' - shower block closed but with washing facilities and food served in your ger, read more. filed 13th August 2008

Winter Trips

We have excellent winter activities to choose from in Ekaterinburg and Lake Baikal (Dog sledging, ice fishing, skiing). It is also nice to spend a night or two in the solitude of the Elstei ger camp in the winter surrounded by snow and little else! Siberia is looking its best and most typical through the winter with a winter wonderland snowscape! filed 13th August 2008

Mongolian Consulate Hong Kong

The Mongolian Consulate in Hong Kong will close indefinitely on 24th June 2008 . filed 16th June 2008




Four special East to West Deals and two West to East Deals combining high quality stopover options at unbeatable prices. see full options. filed 8th February 2008


Happy Chinese New Year - 2008 is the year of the rat. Mongolia also celebrate the Lunar New Year. filed 7th February 2008

2008 Brochure

Our website is now fully updated with 2009 tours and prices - check it all in our 2000 Brochures download. filed 24th January 2008

Small Group Discount

We offer a €500 cashback when 6 of you travel on the same trip, encourage your friends to join you! Read more ... filed 24th January 2008

Camping in Ural Mountains

Spend a few nights in the Ural Mountains at Tavolgi, near Ekaterinburg, read more ... filed 24th January 2008

Train #9 / #10

Train from Irkutsk to Moscow will change schedule on 1st November, instead of leaving Irkutsk on Even dates and Moscow on Odd dates they will now leave Irkutsk on Odd dates and Moscow on Even dates! filed 16th September 2007

Mongolian Winter

Our last Gobi trip for this year starts on 2nd October as Tavan Dohio camp in Sainshand closes on 4th October. From 3rd October Elstei Ger camp will operate in 'winter mode' - shower block closed but with washing facilities and food served in your ger, read more. filed 21st August 2007

Great Wall

The Trans-Mongolian train track has been re-routed and it is no longer posible to see the Great Wall of China from the train. filed 18th June 2007



We are slowly going through all our Trans-Siberian journeys photos from over the years, both from your trips, and from our staff research trips. See them all on a route map ... filed 23rd April 2007


Russia Visa

The Russian Embassy in Beijing has raised its visa application fees, Canadians for example are now charged US$94 for the normal visa. See more prices here ... filed 24th March 2007

Email Contact

Emails from Beijing and Hong Kong are often blocked by overseas email accounts or treated as spam. If you didn’t receive a reply within 2 days there may be a problem, please contact us again filed 15th February 2007


New website

Monkey freshens up it's appearance giving a brand new look to Monkeyshrine! We hope you like the rejuvenated monkey. Give us your feedback here .. filed 15th November 2006


New Programmes for 2007!

We plan to add a stopover at Kazan, the capital of Tartarstan as well as a specialist European Russia trips . filed 15th November 2006


Flight Booking

Book open-jaw flights from the UK, as well as out of Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow and St Petersburg filed 15th November 2006

Jeep Trek in Mongolia

Travel to Hustai National Park in Khenti Province to see the last truly wild horses in the footsteps of Ghenghis Khan. filed 15th November 2006

Circum-Baikal Tours

For those who can't get enough of trains! filed 15th November 2006


We now offer secure and easy payment options in conjunction with WorldPay Online. filed 15th November 2006