Welcome to our online Bookstore.

Our online bookstore has a specially selected range of travel resource, guidebooks and fictional literature related to the Trans Siberian train journey, it's history and the broader countries that you will travel through on this amazing journey.


Any referrals (currently around 5%) from the sale of these books through our site are donated directly to charitable organisations.

Our highligted charity is Wild Camels, saving the endangered camel of Mongolia. Don't want to buy a book today, donate anyway at WildCamels

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We currently have a US$ service provided by Amazon.com or the UK£ version from Amazon.co.uk

Apolgies, we do not currently offer amazon.ca or amazon.cn.


Offline Sales

We also offer a small selection of books for sale in our Beijing and Hong Kong office, including new editions of the Lonely Planet Guide books.

We know that purchasing books inside China can be difficult, although there are more and more bookstores opening in Beijing every year. If you order through this site and ask for delivery to our Hong Kong or Beijing office we will hold the stock in our office for collection before (or after) your journey.