Personal Testimonials from 2000


Date: 16-12-2003 12:30 PM

RE: From a past Monkey Business traveler

I thought this story might interest you all.

I traveled with you all in Sept of 1993. I was in Beijing scheduled to travel down to Hong Kong to fly back to the states.  But when I found out about your company and trips, I booked a Beijing-Ulan Batur-Irkitsk-Moskow trip and decided to just eat my non refundable plane ticket out of Hong Kong back to the states.  After all, who knows when I might get the opportunity to travel the Trans-Sibrian again.

So after you all helped me have the best journey, and getting myself from Moscow to London and back to the states, the irony of this change in plans hit.

I was back in the states for only 3 weeks when I was in A CAR ACCIDENT and I broke my neck at C-5/6.  I am an incomplete quadriplegic.  I use a power wheelchair to get around now. It would be extremely difficult to repeat this journey.

So when people ask me of the best decisions in my life, this decision to take that Monkey Business trip is tops.

You never know what the future holds so grab your chances while you can.

Mike Fredholm

5 Point Happy Drive

Camdenton, MO 65020

From: Kym Shouldice,
Date: 4-11-2000  2:28 PM

Andy and the Gang at Monkey Business,

Greetings folks!  I am now back in Canada after my adventures in Fiji, NZ, Oz, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Russia and the U.K.  It feels a little strange to be back in Canada after having lived in Japan for the last 3 years.  There will be a lot of things to re-acquaint myself with, but it's nice to be with family and friends again.

I just wanted to thank you all for your help with my Mongolian and Russian package.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and met some great people along the way. The train journey was a bit rough, but was full of memorable events.  I was even involved with the trading of fake Adidas shoes!  I will definitely recommend Monkey Business to others that are looking to travel on the Trans-Siberian/Mongolian routes and have kept all of my travel info. as proof of what your company has to offer.

Best of luck in the future and I hope to see you again when I am back in Beijing in 2002.

Kym Shouldice

Sender: Daryl Parkes
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000

Dear Kelvin, Andy and team....

Just a quick little note to say thanks for our recent travels on the
trans-mongolian. We are now in Finland, and to be honest 16 days was
definitely not long enough for that trip. However...can't be too greedy eh!

Anyway..again thanks, and might see you again in the future.

Best of luck...

Daryl Parkes and Pirjo Saastamoinen.


From: "QE2 Provisions Manager",
Date: 16-4-2000  2:45 pm

Hello Chris,

Sorry to have taken so long in getting back to you but I have only just arrived back onboard the Qe2 and settled back in. The trip was absolutely superb! We encountered no problems whatsoever and everyone enjoyed the experience a great deal. All trains were all on time, all guides met us when they should have and couldn't have been more helpful, there was no 'real' immigration problems and I was surprised at the high standard of accomodation which we stayed in. The trip itself represented great value and we are all very grateful for booking with you.

Gary hasn't had all his films developed and processed yet (he took over 80 rolls!) and we will not start putting together the website until we have the proper selection of photo's to accompany it. I shall keep you updated with the address as soon as we have put it together.

I have found that there is a lot of interest in doing trans-siberian trips from other crew, officers and friends, you will probably be hearing from a group in Nottingham fairly soon who are on their way over. I need some of your info packs to give out the crew onboard who are interested as this would probably be more productive than just dispersing your email address to interested parties. What do you suggest? Do you want to mail over a few to the UK so I can give them out onboard? Let me know what you think.

Again, many thanks - your trips certainly live up your reputation and we will have great memories for a long time. Personally I found Listyvanka the most interesting - the guide was superb!

Awaiting your reply,
Many Thanks,

Alex Gibbs.

From: "Gary Bennett",
Date: 29-3-2000  7:11 am
RE: just got home

Hi Chris,Patric,Andre

just made it home, had a superb time,thanks...  we found all your arrangements outstanding, don't know how you manage to get it all so organised,but we all had a brilliant time.
I will be highly recommending your service to other friends and colleges...
thanks for all your help,and will be in touch with our photos when we get sorted out.

Gary Bennett...
From: "sarah thomas",
Date: 27-3-2000 10:34 am     
RE: A note to say THANKS.

Hi guys,  Owain and Sarah calling, we left on the 29th, do you remember us??   Just a quick note of thanks for everything.  It all ran smoothly and was more enjoyable than we could have imagined.  Your partners in the stops that we had were fun to be with and extrememly knowledgeable.  Our connections went to plan and the 17 days simply flew by.
The jeep trek in Mongolia was excellent and as long as they keep on doing it like that we're sure everyone will be thrilled.  Absolutely no problems as far as we were concerned and what made it better for us was that we were the only two doing it!!
We've recomended your services to other travellers and hope they take advantage of this fantastic offer, 'an experience of a lifetime'.
Best Wishes and Thanks Again,
Owain and Sarah.
From: "Anneke Lindwer",
Date: 3-11-99 12:40 pm   
RE: Our trip

Dear Chris & Kelvin,

Thank you for organising a splendid trip for us. We did package 8B and we were duely impressed with the flawless organisation of it all. I will certainly recommend your services to any third party.

Probably noteworthy for future Tranzippers:

* Victory Hotel in Guangzhou highly recommended - affordable and splendid location. Internet available.
* First class 'De Luxe" (with private bath room) is also available in train #19 (we thoroughly enjoyed it...!).
* Visa registration is no longer required in Mongolia (source: Shuren Guest House).
* The Hollywood Disco in UlanBaator closed down 6 years ago...
* The Russian rouble currently stands at 25 against the dollar, but expect only 22 in the train.
* Traveller's Cheques proved to be completely worthless anywhere in Russia...
* The Moscow Metro does not use jetons anymore, but "paper credit cards", 5 rides for 15 roubles.
* We found an excellent new Internet Cafe in Mockba, in the street running northwest from City Hall, roughly behind the Bolshoi. Light green building, number 14, on the first floor above a clothing shop, very trendy. Internet use is free of charge once you pay for a coffee or a beer - expect a little bit of queueing...
* Buying food on the Moscow - Berlin stretch (27 hours) proved to be extremely difficult: no dining car, not enough stopover time, no merchants on the platforms, Russian roubles not accepted in Belorussia. Take supplies or starve!

Kind regards,
Martin Schoenmakers
Miriam Lindwer