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How to Plan Your Trip

The Easy Way

step 12009 Special Deals

Our Deals to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2008 proved so popular that we are back to offer some more great trips for 2009 at special prices. We have combined our most popular Deals of 2008 with some of the best we have to offer for 2009 and come up with a range of set itineraries, with some very special prices. This year we are extending the Deals to include west to east routes also.


Follow the six steps below to build your own ‘trip-of-a-lifetime’!

step 1Take time to have a thorough read of the packages pages on this site or download our brochure for all the info. Most of what we offer is here and although the range of options is initially daunting it will all make sense after a good read!
step 2 Choose whether to begin in Beijing, Moscow or Vladivostok and which route and stopovers you wish to take along the Trans-Siberian. All possible options are covered.
step 3Choose how long and which stopover options you wish to add in and then add the stopovers costs onto the package cost (which you selected in step 2 above). We offer a range of packages with stops in Mongolia (Gobi Desert and Ger stays), Irkutsk (Lake Baikal) Ekaterinburg (Ural Mountains and Eur / Asia border)
step 4 Add on any additional accommodation in Beijing, Moscow and St Petersburg as well as side trips including Ulan-Ude, Kazan and Golden Ring. Then decide how you plan to exit Russia / Beijing (we can also book this ticket for you if you wish).
step 5 Decide if you want us to obtain your Russian and Mongolian visas or if you want to obtain these yourself at your local embassy. We can apply on your arrival and also offer a postal visa service in Beijing and Hong.
step 6 Complete the booking form and send to us and we will get right back to you with a detailed quote and any suggestions or amendments to your itinerary as well as what to do next.


Routes and Tours

Our trips aren't always the easiest to put together when combining stopover tours with the various train schedules. To make it easier first decide on your route and then work out which tours to add on. You can add on extensions from Moscow, Beijing and Vladivostok as well as upgrading to first class compartments for your train travel. You can always ask for our help. Whichever way, the final result is you end up with an itinerary tailored to your specific interests with dates that work best for you.


How to find your way around the site

Browse through the drop-down menu to help you find your way around. Find more information on the places you will travel through and our recommended Package ideas. Whet your appetite on our Photo Galleries showing pics of the whole journey as well as photo albums submitted by previous travellers. How can we help with our Visa Service. Many other questions such as 'What to take on the Trans-Siberian?' are answered in the FAQ section. Design your itinerary and make a booking on our unique and interactive 'Build Your Trip' page. Search the site before firing off an email and if you still can't find what you're looking for contact our knowledgable Monkeys caged in our Beijing office. If you have already made a booking you can sign-in to check on you itinerary and download extra information on our trip. If you are just browsing and not sure where to go next, try the random link on the side of the page.