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There is no need to print out pages of this web site, we have a brochure as a concise download with all the info you neded on our range of packages, tours, visas, etc. to plan your Trans-Siberian adventure away from your computer.

Destinations Brochure Download Monkeyshrine Trans Siberian Railway Brochure 2013

Introducing our tours and destinations Brochure (EN)
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Download the brochure

2,433 kb pdf file. Updated 2nd February 2017


  • Trip Dossier
  • Download Booking Forms
  • Office Directions & Map
  • Visa Application Forms

Here you can download a full and detailed itinerary for many of our tours.

Osnova Tours

OS BM5 UIE | 12 days. Winter tour to Mongolia, Lake Baikal, Ekaterinburg.

Polny Tours

PO BM 4UI | 14 days. Most popular tour to Mongolia and Lake Baikal.

Private Train Tours

GZTMW | 15 days. Tsar's Gold Private Train from Beijing to Moscow

Tour Extensions

G3E | 3 days. Stop in the Gobi Desert on any trip from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar.

POMSP5 | 5 days. Suggested extension from Moscow to St Petersburg.

POMSP7 | 7 days. More inclusive extension from Moscow to St Petersburg.

Special Seasonal Tours

OS SSS4 | Depart Beijing 31st December. 4 days Siberian Snow Spectacular

OS BM5 UIE | Depart Beijing 14th January 2015. 12 days winter Epiphany special.

OS BM5 HIE | Depart Beijing 16th January 2015. 15 days winter special inc Harbin.

Booking Forms

Please download and complete the following booking form and return to us by email. Please include a covering email explaining any extra details about your booking together with a scan (.jpg or .pdf is ideal) of the main details page of your passport.

Booking form in a PDF Form - if you have pdf editing capabilities.

To save any data typed onto this form you must save it to your computer first, then open the file in Acrobat Reader X (or similar). If you open the file within your web browser or older versions of Acrobat Reader you may not be able to save the form data on completion of the form, instead the file will likely be saved as a blank form and your efforts will be wasted.

Booking form - In a word style file. Add all passengers information, when travelling on the same itinerary.

Booking form in HTM format - in case you can not open the word file.

Online Booking Request

If you have not received a quote from us yet, please complete the online initial booking request. Upon confirmation of your booking we will require your passport details and some extra information about your booking.

Other Booking Forms

For other custom trips, we may ask you to complete a detailed booking form, as below:

Custom Trip Booking Form - Custom itinerary Booking form

Booking form in HTM format - in case you can not open the word file.

Office Directions

We handle all booking enquries by email or phone and our offices are not open for general visitors.

Click here to contact us in advance.

You may have a reason to visit our Beijing or Hong Kong office by prior appointment, for visa applications or to meet with operations management.

Hong Kong Office Directions (Kowloon side - Jordan Office)

Beijing Office Directions (Sanlitun - Yashow Office)

Make sure you have our address in Chinese when showing it to a Beijing taxi driver. Our Beijing office is a little tricky to find so it is worth printing out the map and to note the entrance to our compound beside Yashow.

Visa Applications


If you use our visa service in Beijing you will need to complete the following application form (printed on two sides of one sheet of paper). - Mongolian Visa Application Form

You will also need to complete the authorisation letter and send with your passports and application form. - Mongolian visa personal authorisation form

You need to make an appointment at the Embassy in Hong Kong to apply in person, here is the application form.
- Mongolian Tourist Visa Application


- The Russian visa application is completed online in most countries around the world, log in here.

- Russian Tourist Visa Application (2) - for AUSTRALIA, CANADA, GREAT BRITAIN and UNITED STATES passport holders
NOTE: please make sure the form is printed on one sheet (both sides) with the bottom border line clear and straight (see printing instructions).

- Russian Tourist Visa Application (1) - for other nationalities (easier to print!)


- Belarus Transit Visa Application - for most nationals
Extra attachment for some tourist applications (UK)

Visa Info

Useful info when applying for a Russian Transit Visa in Beijing

General Visa Info - Info on the countries you will be visiting and their visa regulations.

Visa Info - Our Visa Service, how to apply yourself, etc.


Download Software

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderYou will need Adobe Acrobat Reader - download it from the Adobe website.


last updated - 13th November 2015