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Booking Conditions:

  1. All bookings are accepted on a request basis only. Acceptance of a Booking Form does not imply availability of a trip.
  2. To accept your booking, we require a minimum deposit of 25% of the total trip cost per person + visa costs, or a deposit payment of € 600, whichever is the highest.
  3. Full payment is required at least sixty days before departure. Short notice bookings (within 60 days of departure) should be paid in full at the time of booking.
  4. Prices for packages and additional services booked more than one month before departure are subject to change without prior notice. In case your departure is more then one month later, and the prices of the services rise, we reserve the right to make a surcharge. If you have already commenced your booking by paying a deposit or full payment and completing a Booking Form, and the price increase should amount to a differential of more than 10% of the total trip cost, you will be entitled to withdraw your booking and receive a full refund of all money paid over to us, with the exception of used visa fees and bank charges, which will be forfeited in any event.
  5. Schedules for trains and/or planes are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to arrange for the best alternative transportation and/or dates in case of unforeseen changes. This includes changes in the class of train, for example if we cannot confirm first class tickets we may issue two berths in second class.
  6. Vouchers will be exchanged for booked services, from the initial city of departure, where we have a local office, and where passengers must register with a local staff member at least 24 hours before departure, unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing.
  7. Vouchers, packages or tickets are non-transferable.
  8. Each passenger is responsible for obtaining and carrying the necessary visas, passports and other travel documents. Costs for visas and registration are not included in the package price, any visa price we supply is for reference only and the final price will be determined by the Embassy at time of application. Consequences of an embassy changing visa application rules are also each passenger’s responsibility.
  9. Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months subsequent to your trip finish, with enough blank pages available for visas.
  10. Luggage allowance on the train is 35 kg and may be less on domestic trains or flights.
  11. We cannot be responsible for the safety of passengers or their belongings and therefore we recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance.
  12. It is common and accepted practice for transport methods employed on our trips to run with delays, or to run below operational standards that would be regarded as normal in Western countries. We cannot accept any claim for indirect or consequential loss arising from the failure of transport suppliers to conform either to timetables supplied by us or to their own timetables. We cannot accept any claim for shock, loss, distress, whether mental or financial, arising from deviations from operational standards by transport suppliers whose services form part of our itineraries (whether original or amended).
  13. Russian and Mongolian cities have centralized heating systems, supplying homes and hotels. Yearly maintenance and occasional repairs can occur without prior notice, during which time there is no hot water available. In the slight chance this happens during your stay at a hotel, we will do our best to arrange for alternatives.
  14. It is understood and accepted that the prices charged for any of our services, tickets or accommodation, are not the net prices one might be able to obtain when buying directly at the source. Our selling prices include all booking and reservation costs, handling and delivery charges, taxes and administration costs, and last but not least – the surcharge that pays for our expenses and hopefully some profit. Note that it is common practice in the countries we deal with to charge more when trying to buy and secure volume – contrary to the usual practice of granting commissions!
  15. If circumstances force us to amend your itinerary or the services with it, we shall notify you as soon as possible. If the change arises during your trip, our representatives will make every effort to contact you personally. We reserve the right to substitute alternative transport or accommodation in the interests of the safety of our passengers and/or the successful completion of the itinerary.
  16. If you require us to change your booked itinerary, we will do everything possible to facilitate this, subject to your agreement to meet the costs that may be incurred.
  17. We believe the descriptions of the services and facilities we offer are fair and accurate. In the event of faults or omissions by ourselves, or those acting for us, appropriate compensation may be payable. We are not responsible for any cases of force majeure and/or loss, theft, sickness, injury, accident, damage, delay, changes in transport timetables, denial of border entry for any undocumented reasons, political problems or irregularities, and such other circumstances beyond our reasonable control that may occur before or during the trip.
  18. In the event of any case described above, we shall provide all reasonable assistance to passengers. This shall not replace the assistance to be expected from travel insurance up to the limits of cover of the policy recommended by us, nor shall it replace the assistance of the Consul responsible for you whilst abroad.
  19. Claims for compensation will be accepted in writing only, within 30 days of final included service. We are unable to consider any claim where the assistance or advice of our local representatives has been unsought, rejected or ignored.
  20. With the exception of diving none of our activities require special training or above-average levels of fitness or mobility. If you are in any doubt about whether you should undertake them, you should consult your medical adviser. We are unable to refund any money in respect of services from which you withdraw after arrival. With reasonable notice, alternative versions of most of our activities can be organized for those of you who have special needs.
  21. Passengers are bound at all times by local law and jurisdiction in their chosen destinations. Passengers, who depart from the selected itinerary, either geographically or chronologically, are advised that they may be breaking local immigration regulations, which at best will result in delay and inconvenience, and at worst may result in arrest and imprisonment, in neither of which cases are we able to assist in any material way.
  22. If, for whatever reason, we are not able to deliver any part of the booked services or tickets, our liability is restricted to replacement with a place for another date or refund of the unused part of the package as chosen by the buyer.
  23. In case of a later departure out of Russia (for whatever reason), the passenger will need to pay for additional nights of accommodation directly to the representatives of our local partners.
  24. It is expected and assumed that you will have your own valid medical / travel insurance for this trip.

Changing the package and/or the date of departure

A handling fee of € 30 will be charged for every change to a booked package and/or the departure date up to 31 days prior to departure. Beware of visas that need to be changed as well.

Changes made to a booked package 30 days or less before departure is considered as a cancellation and a new booking has to be made.


A sum of 15% of the total price (package price + additional services booked) will be charged for a cancellation more than 31 days before departure.

A sum of 35% of the total price will be charged for a cancellation within 30 and 15 days prior to departure.

A sum of 65% of the total price will be charged for a cancellation within 14 and 8 days prior to departure.

No refund for a cancellation made 1 week or less prior to departure, or for failure to show up.

No refund for cancellation of parts of the package and/or additional services and/or booked tickets after the departure date of the package.

Our private train tours have a different cancellation policy, as advised upon booking and including a non-refundable deposit requested by the tour supplier.


When requesting a refund for overpayment or cancellation of services and in line with our cancellation policy above, we will normally refund you by the same method as any payment received, depending on refund amount, or by your preferred method. For example, if you have sent us payment via PayPal, this payment can be refunded in full or in part for up to sixty days after payment without further charges. After this period, a PayPal refund payment can be made to your PayPal account. For larger refunds please supply your full bank details, including bank name, address, account number and name of account holder and any SWIFT or bank codes and we will arrange a bank transfer for the agreed refund amount from our Hong Kong account within one calendar month. Please note that bank charges or PayPal commission will be deducted from the refund amount. Agreed refunds less than € 200 can be settled in person in our local office.