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We specialise in Trans-Siberian tours through Russia and Mongolia. Start your trip in Beijing, Moscow or Vladivostok - travel the entire Trans-Siberian or Trans-Mongolian route, or depart from Beijing on a round-trip circuit through Mongolia and Siberia. Whatever your travel style, time frame or budget, we can help plan your next adventure.


Flick through some stunning photos and highlights of the tours we offer for an idea of trip you could soon be experiencing with us...
  • Mongolian Gers up close
  • Our Tours
    We offer a range of tours to suit different styles of travel and different tastes, from the basic no frills trips, our most popular deals with sightseeing tours along the way, escorted trips with our staff, as well as limited departures on The Grand Siberian, travelling in first class luxury.
  • Mongolian Gers up close
  • Tours to Mongolia
    Enjoy the widespread nature of Mongolia. Nearly all of our tours stop in Ulanbaatar with options to visit Hustai National Park, the open steppe at Elstei or the Gobi Desert. We have made the decision making process easy by giving you some set trips to choose from. Have a look at Osnova Tours
  • St Basils Cathedral, Moscow
  • Crossing Continents
    Visit some of the most inspiring Capitals. Start in Beijing or Moscow and stop off at carefully selected places along route. We have a selection of different style tours and our Small Group Deals are some of the most popular. Read more about the different trips we offer
  • Golden Eagle Luxury Cruises
  • Luxury Train Cruise
    Billed as 'Voyages of a lifetime by private train', we are delighted to offer luxury rail cruises with a variety of set trips through the year on board the Golden Eagle, with excellent accommodation, meals and on board letures.
  • Grand Trans Siberian Train restaurant car
  • Grand Trans-Siberian
    Experience luxury on board the Grand Trans Siberian Train. Combine remote areas like the Gobi with the comfort of your first class cabin. Crammed with sidetrips, amazing lectures and first class service, read more about our two week getaways on the Velikiy Trans Siberian Train.
  • Circum Baikal train on Lake Baikal
  • Beautiful Baikal
    One of the highlights of any Trans Siberian trip is exploring Lake Baikal and one of the few ways to reach the region is on the Trans Siberian! Most of our tours visit Lake Baikal, see the full range on our Polny Tours
  • St Petersburg Sophia Perovskaya/
  • Capital Cities
    Most people will start or end their trip in Moscow or Beijing, but you can also start in Ulanbaatar or Vladivostok. Whichever direction you travel you should add on a trip to St Petersburg, especially during the summer 'white nights'. Read more about St Petersburg.
  • Buddhist image on Zaisan Hill, Ulanbaatar
  • Cultural Delights
    One of the lasting memories of a Trans Siberian trip are the different cultures and customs you experience and learn about, from Buddhism in Mongolia, Semeiskie Shamanism in Ulan Ude to the Orthodox Tartar Monasteries of Kazan. You will visit all these places on our from Beijing, or Moscow.
  • Mongolian Ger, snow and dogs, Elstei Ger Lodge
  • Sauna and Solitude
    Think of Siberia and you think of snow. Winter is a brave, but worthwhile time to travel! Fun winter options such as dog sledging in Ekaterinburg or Irkutsk, saunas and the solitude of white Mongolia, meanwhile the trains are kept warm and never breakdown!

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Major stops on and around the Trans-Siberian route include (in no particular order), Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Beijing, Mongolia and Open Steppe, Ulaanbaatar, Gobi, Vladivostok, Ulan Ude, St Petersburg, Tayshet, Khabarovsk, Golden Ring Suzdal and Velikiy Novgorod. Hover over the interactive map to learn about places along the Trans Siberian


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7th April 2014


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✔ We have confirmation that Chinese Railways will stop operating the weekly train #23 service in the last week of May (TUE 27th May from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, THU 29th May from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing). Mongolian Railways will operate the train #23 service for one year, starting the first week of June (THU 5th June departing Ulaanbaatar and returning SAT 7th June from Beijing).

The plan (as the last few years) is for the Chinese train to operate an extra summer service. Proposed dates are starting on 17th June, with weekly departures from Beijing on Tuesday, and returning from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing on Friday. We are still waiting for official confirmation of this. This summer service will operate until mid-October.

† Until end of May 2014 depart Beijing on Tuesday.
† In June depart Beijing on Saturday.
† From July to September depart Beijing on Tuesday and Saturday.
† From October until May/June 2015 depart Beijing on Saturday only.

† Depart Ulaanbaataar throughout the year on a Thursday.
† From July to September depart Ulaanbaatar on a Thursday and Friday.

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✔ This winter we are busy designing a whole new look for our website. In the mean time we apologise if some of the info and tours on this site seems outdated. All our tours are still running throughout the winter and into 2014, if any dates seem missing, please ask our sales team for more info.

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